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Preschool News 13.05.22

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This week has flown by...

During our literacy sessions, our older children have created their our own story maps to retell the story 'Jasper's Beanstalk' whilst our younger children have used pictures to sequence the story, you have worked fantastically and I have been super impressed at all your wonderful efforts when completing these activities – shine your halos! We have also been working hard on the oral retelling of this story, I hope that you have enjoyed listening to your child retell the story on Tapestry. Our older children have been working hard on forming the letters in their name and the letters m a & s – see Tapestry for information on how you can support your child at home.

During our phonics session, our younger children have continued to focus on developing their listening and attention skills. Our older children have been introduced to the letter sounds, m a & s and have continued to develop their 'Fred Talk' skills.

During our mathematics sessions, we have enjoyed activities to recap our learning on the numbers 1-5. We have focused on recognising the numerals, counting out an amount to match a numeral and matching quantity to an amount. We have also enjoyed activities to develop our subitising skills (when you are able to look at a group of objects and realise how many there are without counting).

Our beans and sunflower seeds have begun to grow, this has been the focus of our understanding the world development. We have been amazed with the changes to our seeds and have begun to discuss the life cycle of a bean. Next week, we are going to be learning about Bees and pollination and how important they are in the life cycle of our seeds.

To support our expressive arts and design development, we have used a black pen to draw a picture of a beanstalk, then used water colours to paint our picture. We enjoyed experimenting with the paints and water to paint our picture. We have have also created crowns in preparation for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations! We love to sing daily at Preschool and this week we have learnt a bean song, we have sang lots of nursery rhymes and we have been learning a song to share with school for the Queen's Jubilee. We hope to be able to share this with you via Tapestry closer to the time.

We have been lucky with the weather again this week and have spent lots of time outside. to support our physical development We are real risk takers in Preschool and have been climbing, swinging and jumping from anything and everything we can see in our garden. It is so lovely to see the children so proud in their efforts and encouraging their friends to tackle new challenges.

We have been extremely busy during our free play too, we have built dens, put on shows, enjoyed a picnic at the beach, walked with dinosaurs, flown with dragons, eaten spaghetti bolognaise in the preschool restaurant, played tennis, worked in the office and so much more, we haven't stopped! Thank goodness it is the weekend so we can all enjoy a well earned rest :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone, enjoy the sun!

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