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Aims & Values & Ethos

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Matthew 5: 16'Let your Light SHINE'

At Wybunbury Delves we aim:

  • To know Jesus, Light of the World;
  • To be the guiding light on the path of each child's learning journey;
  • To light the spark for a love of learning and of life;
  • For our children to become leading lights in our community and our world;
  • For every child to shine.

Our Ethos

We are a caring family, a Christian community where everyone adopts an "I can" attitude; everyone feels valued, safe and loved by God. We celebrate our God-given individuality, achievements and talents and we aspire, with God's help, to become the best that we can be – TO SHINE. We believe that each one of us has the ability to achieve our highest potential, living and learning in the fullness of God.

Our vision

We nurture a school community where everyone experiences a love of learning and of life; everyone is able to 'shine' and grow in God's Love.

Our School Vision

Simply said, our school motto is "Towards the light"

A Candle cannot light itself, it needs to receive light from another.

Father God, Thank you for the light Jesus brings to us and the light we can pass on to one another.

A candle can give away its light without losing the light it has.

Father God, We thank you that you give us so much love that we can give it away to others without losing what we already have.

A candle's light is the same no matter what size, colour or shape the candle is.

Father God, We thank that no matter who we are, we can be of service to you and one another.

A candle burns brightly throughout all its life.

Father God, We thank you that whatever age we are, we can still be used by you to be a light for each other.

A candle's flame burns upwards as its light sheds outward.

Father God, Help us to put every day and in every situation so the light from our flame grows tall, sending out more light to others.

The Everlasting Light is Jesus Christ who guides us each and every day as try to follow in his footsteps.

Our Christian Values are taken from Galatians 5: v22

Across the school year, we have focused weeks for each of the Christian Values.

Self Control: Induction Week in September
Goodness: Harvest time
Kindness: Anti-bullying Week
Peace: Remembrance Week (wk of 11th November)
Gentleness: Christmas (as we prepare for our Christmas services)
Love: Valentine Day (week of 14th February)
Forgiveness: Easter (the week before our Easter holidays)
Joy: Leavers service week – celebration of our Year 6 leavers time at Wybunbury Delves.

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