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Wybunbury Delves Bicentenary Celebration Service

We are celebrating the special place our school is and that we have been an important part of the Wybunbury community for 200 years

Wybunbury is a bright, vibrant, nurturing learning community which encourages all to ‘Live Life in all its fullness’. We thank God for 200 years of education and service to our community. For the past, present and future –

The children and their families, the community, the staff, Governors, The Delves Trust, the church and its vicars, the diocese and CDAT; all of whom have played and continue to play an important part in making Wybunbury Delves special throughout its long history

Our school motto today is ‘Towards the Light’. It reminds us that Jesus is the Light of the World and that we grow with him each day. We light the candle to remind us of our school motto and that Jesus’ light shines through each and every one of us. (Light Candles)

Jesus is the Light who lights our darkness when we are worried, he is the sunlight on a beautiful day and the light of God that shines through each one of us.

Matthew 5:14-16 The Message

“Here’s another way to put it: You are here to be light, bringing out the God-colours in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We’re going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don’t think I’m going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I’m putting you on a light stand. Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.

This passage from the Bible tells us that each and every one of us is a shining light for the world. It shows that our good works, our character, our behaviour and our actions lead the way. We all have talents and qualities which can lead the way for others, we all influence people each day – even at our age! and certainly we all have something to give! We hope that all the children who have been to Wybunbury Delves over the years are still finding ways to shine their light!

This Bible passage is also extremely relevant to The Delves Charity School, our school, it has been a beacon of hope and light quite literally on the top pf the hill at the end of the village. Through the generosity of the Delves-Broughton family, the children of the parish have been able to have an education and learn to grow in the love of Christ to be leading lights themselves for over 200 years!

This song reflects our aims, encouraging us to shine in the darkness and follow Him. We encourage everyone to join us in singing: My Lighthouse

Scientifically, light is a type of energy that makes it possible for us to see the world around us. We need light to see. Light comes from many different sources. There are so many sources of light in this world which guide our way and light our lives but it is Jesus Christ, Light of the World, who is the ultimate guiding force.


-A cottage with the lights on, it gives out a cosy, warm welcoming glow.
-A lighthouse, it stands secure and firm against the elements, spreading an arc light to protect and warn of danger.
-A candle, symbolic of the trinity; Jesus, Light of the world, the energy of God the Father, the warmth of the Holy Spirit.
-A dancing fire, that illuminates our darkness and warms our souls.
-Twinkling light in a child’s eyes that reflects awe and wonder, spirituality and joy.
-A torch light leads the way, keeping you safe along the right path
-A successful leading light, someone who is a role model and leads our way.
-A reflection in a mirror to reflect on the self and accept the challenge to look inward and reflect on our words and actions.
-Be unafraid of the harsh beam of the spotlight, like the microscope, focusing and analysing, allowing us to question and to affirm.

-’light of my life’, as someone special, our richest resource.

Wybunbury Delves has been all of these in the Wybunbury community for 200 years. It has stood firm in its drive to provide the best education for local children and to nurture every child’s development academically, personally and spiritually.

Thanks to light, we see and experience life in glorious colour: God’s beauty and a rich tapestry of life. Wybunbury’s lights have shone brightly for 200 years and our everyone connected has taken God’s light and zest for life on with them as they move to another step in life’s journey. Please join us in singing our thanks for God’s Beautiful World.

Song: Beautiful World

So it all started 200 years ago, way back in 1822!

Well actually no it didn’t! Sir Thomas Delves left instructions in 1727 in his will for an amount of money to be invested in land and the profits were to be used to educate the poor of Wybunbury. That’s nearly 300 years ago!

We will see you all back here in 5 years and we can celebrate 300 years of Wybunbury Education!

A farm was bought with Sir Thomas Delves money – Brickwall Farm on Coole Lane near Audlem. The rent from the farm went to funding Wybunbury’s education right up to 1962!

Wybunbury was a very large parish back in 1727 and Sir Thomas Delves left specific information about how the money was to be used

For a master of a school teaching 20 poor boys; to buy books for the scholars and blue coats and caps; a school master in Wybunbury to teach 10 girls, provide books, blue coats and caps; also a school master in the township of Weston, Bridgemere and Hunstanton

Moving on to 1822. The Delves Charity School was established on a field given by Sir John Broughton, he also paid for its construction. The school was for boys up to the age of 15

This building is our school hall today – used by all our children from Preschool to Year 6, it is the heart of our school where we can come together in fellowship and share.

The first master was Francis Pankhurst. He was brought by the trustees from London as he had proven he was a good educator. He lived the rest of his life in Wybunbury and is buried in the churchyard around the tower.

Did you know Francis had a famous grandchild? His grandson Richard married Emmeline Goulden – the world famous campaigner for women rights.

Throughout its history our school has been fortunate to have leaders who have spent long periods of time in leading and guiding the education of the children of Wybunbury. We give thanks for their dedication and commitment.

In 1825 another school opened in Wybunbury. This is now our village hall. This school was to educate the girls of the village and the Delves Trust money once again funded its work.

In 1830 a school house was built for the headteacher! This part of our school today is the kitchen.

Our school steadily grew in size over the years. The school log books tell us some of the things which happened in the school and gives an insight into local history and changes in the world.

They tell us there were lots of reasons for a day off! Snow days, bad weather, Good attendance treats, potato picking, royal events, elections.

The logs show a close relationship with the farming community. Farmers even put in requests to for help from the boys as child labour! Harvest time meant lots of children were absent. The headteacher records this as ‘normal instruction impossible!’

Keeping school safe and open was a constant battle for the managers and headteacher. Nothing changes there! In 1943 a severe gale sent the slates flying off the roof and the walls rocking in the wind! School had to close early that day. School regularly flooded due to faulty drains. The heating was not reliable! School did have 2 open fires until the refurbishment in the 1950s and it also had a boiler which regularly stopped working.

In 1945 a flushing toilet system was installed!

The logs give an insight into how education has changed over the years. They include the timetables, school inspection reports and information about what the children did during the school day. This includes all the things we learn about in school today and other things like digging manure into the school garden! Bee-keeping, Lessons on empire building, needlework. A treat was being allowed to play cricket in the master’s meadow.

Life during significant events in history are recorded such as World War 2.

31st September 1939 school had to close early as it was used as an Evacuee reception centre.

The 2 Wybunbury schools hosted 47 evacuee children from Eldon Street School in Liverpool. 2 Teachers came with them.

Both schools had air raid shelters and they regularly practiced using them. During 1940 there were many air raid warnings – mainly overnight which affected children coming to school the next day. On the 19th September 1940 the children had to brought in from playtime at 10.50am due to the presence of enemy aircraft and gunfire being heard! In 1941 the school shelters were used a lot more often as air raid precautions needed to be taken.

Rationing during the war affected school supplies. Coal was in short supply for the boiler and food rationing made it difficult to provide school meals

During the 1950s there was plenty of discussion about the future of both schools. Our school building needed much improvement and expansion but this was expensive! In the end our school building was closed in 1958 and all the boys transferred to the girls school whilst a solution was found. In 1962 new plans were approved and new classrooms were built – now Y1 and Y2 classrooms. 2 years later our school reopened its doors as a primary school for both boys and girls.

Since 1964 on our school has steadily expanded, new classrooms and areas have been built. We now have over 200 pupils, our youngest being only 2! We have a classroom for each year group and a preschool room and area.

2017 was the next big change in our school history as we joined the CDAT family of schools and became an academy. The next chapter in our history will see us continue to build links between the CDAT schools throughout the diocese for the benefit of all our children as we continue to aim for every child at Wybunbury to shine.

God has an amazing plan for each and everyone of us. Wybunbury Delves has been at the heart of his plan for the families of our parish for 200 years and will continue to be well into the future.

Please join us in singing SONG: Our God is a Great Big God

This week we have been finding out about the history of our school and celebrating all things Wybunbury.

We have planted a special tree, donated by a past pupil who has nurtured it from a conker they had collected from a chestnut tree. It is now the height of reception children!

We have created a time capsule of life in 2022 at Wybunbury Delves. It includes our school aims and prayers, class photographs and work we have created over this week.

On Monday we dressed like 1822 and experienced how school might have been when it first opened its doors

We will continue our celebrations across this year. The new Reception class in September will be exactly 200 years on since the school opened.

Candles were among the earliest inventions of the ancient world, as shown by candlesticks from Egypt and Crete dating to at least 3000 BC, they provide light in the darkness. They provide a symbol of how God wants us to be and all Wybunbury Delves strives to achieve over the years.

A Candle cannot light itself, it needs to receive light from another.

Father God, Thank you for the light Jesus brings to us and the light we can pass on to one another.

For Wybunbury Delves as we share Gods light within our community and beyond.

A candle can give away its light without losing the light it has.

Father God, We thank you that you give us so much love that we can give it away to others without losing what we already have.

At Wybunbury Delves for teaching us to use our Fruits of the Spirit to share love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, gentleness and self-control to all we meet.

A candle’s light is the same no matter what size, colour or shape the candle is.

Father God, We thank that no matter who we are, we can be of service to you and one another.

At Wybunbury Delves for making us an inclusive community, who can serve God and one another.

A candle burns brightly throughout all its life.

Father God, We thank you that whatever age we are, we can still be used by you to be a light for each other.

For the children and Wybunbury Delves community, to shine with God’s love and take forward the values embedded at Wybunbury for the good of all throughout their lives.

A candle’s flame burns upwards as its light sheds outward.

Father God, Help us every day and in every situation so the light from our flame grows tall, sending out more light to others.

At Wybunbury Delves help us to continue to grow in the Everlasting Light of Jesus Christ who guides us each and every day as we try to follow in his footsteps.

Let us pray.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for making Wybunbury the special place it is.

For the dedication of our teachers, staff, Trustees and governors.

For making us the people we are,

We ask for your guidance and inspiration to continue to influence us, each and every day.


Please join us in saying our school prayer

O Jesus

Singing has been heard in our school for 200 years. Our school choir would like to bless the generations of children past, present and future. The Blessing

We would like to invite Bishop Mark to lead a blessing.


We would like to end our celebration service with each and every one of you joining in singing with us. At Wybunbury Delves we know that we are never alone, we have strength and courage, no matter what we have to face as we know the Lord Loves each and everyone of us for who we are. Please stand and sing with us Be Bold be strong. SONG: Be Bold be strong.

Even though the candle goes out we know that God’s love is with each and everyone of us.

Go in Peace to discover God’s world and your place in it.

We go in Jesus name. Amen.

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