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This week we have been riding our bikes,  building shelters, painting Ancient Greek pots and much more!  It's been a busy one. 

For English this week, we started our new Talk4Writing unit.  We will be learning how to write a 'Beat The Monster' story.  So far, we have started to learn our new story map and we have been investigating vocabulary.  During our vocabulary investigations, we realised that you can't just pick any synonym you want.  You have to make sure that your word choices fit the context of what you are writing about.  You did a great job understanding this and we have been able to create a fantastic word bank as a result.  Well done team.  

In Maths, we continued to look at area and perimeter.  We learnt that there is a formula to follow when working out the area of a rectangle.  We used this knowledge to help us solve some tricky word problems.  By the end of the week, we had moved onto estimating irregular shapes.  Throughout all of our work on area, we realised that times tables are very important, so make sure you get practicing your times tables at home. 

We started our new R.E unit this week too.  Our new unit will focus on the Kingdom of God.  We started off by thinking about what it means to be talented.  We then thought about the things we are talented at and shared them with each other.  We have a very talented set of people in our class.  

On Tuesday, our week became a little different as it was time for us to take part in Bikeability.  We were split into two halves.  Half of you practiced your skills on Tuesday and the other half practiced your skills on Wednesday.  During the session, you focused on: safely riding in straight lines; how to maneuver around obstacles and how to check behind you (as well as many other things).  If it wasn't your turn to take part, you stayed in the classroom and worked hard to completed our Big Art project.  I am pleased to say that we have now finished it and your wonderful Greek pots are up on the wall.  They look fabulous!

On Wednesday, it was time for forest schools.  During our session, we created shelters.  Mr Hadfield then taught us how to turn our winter shelters into summer shelters.  You then went foraging to find things that could be used to make your shelter more homely.  We also learnt how to create a fire! 

On Thursday, it was time for your first music lesson of the term.  This term we are learning how to play the recorders. Your commitment and concentration throughout your first recorder lesson made Miss Holland smile! She told me that you got straight to work! You learnt how to hold the recorder, how to make a good sound and you learnt how to play note B.  During your P.E lesson with Mrs Jenkins, you did the first lesson of your Health Related Fitness unit. You discussed the components of health related fitness and performed a warm up. Then you completed your first shuttle run. You worked in pairs, with one person running for five minutes and the other counting the runs, then you swapped over. Afterwards you did a 'sit and reach' flexibility test. This required you to sit with straight legs and your feet against a bench.  You then reached as far forward, along the bench, as you could. Your partner measured how far you reached and then you swapped again and the results were recorded.  

On Friday, we completed a history and computing lesson.  In our history lesson, we researched where Greece was looked at photos of what it was like.  We made some conclusions about what Ancient Greek people might have been like based on what we saw.  For example, we predicted that they might have been good sailors because Greece is made up of lots of islands.  We then created a timeline and realised that Ancient Greece was thousands of years ago.  In our computing lesson, we learnt about binary code and we practiced reading and writing binary code too.  

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  

See you tomorrow, 

Miss P

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