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Year 5 News 26.05.23

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In English, we had an engaging week of learning. We started by editing our independent pieces of writing from last week. We focused on improving our spelling, punctuation and coherence. We then embarked on a thrilling writing task where we imagined ourselves as Fred, the main character from our story, as he experienced a plane crash in the Amazon jungle. Through our short burst write, we demonstrated our creativity and ability to create suspenseful narratives. Additionally, we deepened our understanding of the 'to be' verb. Well done on your hard work and enthusiasm in English this week!

In Reading this week, we focused on enhancing our comprehension skills. Our lessons were designed to help us become more proficient in understanding and interpreting texts. We had the opportunity to read extracts from the D.K Witness Amazon book, which provided us with fascinating information about the Amazon rainforest. We learned how to use evidence from the text to support our answers, improving our ability to analyse and draw conclusions from what we read. This skill will serve us well in our future reading endeavours.

In Maths this week, we have dived into some exciting challenges with decimals. We put our problem-solving hats on and tackled real-life scenarios that involved working with decimals. It was a bit of a brain workout, but we pushed through and came up with some clever solutions. We also levelled up our skills by learning how to multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100, and even 1000! It's like a superpower that lets us easily convert between different place values. Pretty cool, right? These skills will come in handy when dealing with money, measurements, and all sorts of data.

In our awesome MyHappyMind sessions this week, it was our final lesson. We took a moment to go over everything we've learned so far. And guess what? Some things really stood out to us! We had found it fascinating learning about 'Team HAP' – the different parts our brain that help us focus and function. Then there's 'Attitude of Gratitude,' where we learned to appreciate all the cool stuff in our lives. And of course, we can't forget 'Happy Breathing' – it's the secret to finding our inner zen. These tools have been total game-changers for us, helping us tackle challenges and stay positive.

In our PHSE lesson this week, we had our final lesson of the 'Too Much Selfie Isn't Healthy' unit. We had a deep chat about something really important: love and kindness. We reflected on how we've been spreading love and kindness throughout the week. It's incredible how such small acts can make a big difference. So, let's keep up the love and kindness vibes and make the world a better place, one smile at a time! A sentiment that certainly embodied 'Love your neighbour as yourself'. Mark 12:31

In science, we've been diving deeper into the fascinating world of separating materials. This week, we focused on learning various techniques for separating different substances. We explored methods like sieving, filtering, evaporation, and magnetism. It's amazing how each method has its own unique way of separating materials based on their properties. To put our knowledge into action, we designed and conducted experiments using these four different methods. It was so cool to see the results and understand how these techniques can be applied in real-life situations. Science is all about discovery, and we're becoming true scientists in exploring the art of separation!

In our R.E. lessons, we've been delving into the significance of the umma and its connection to the 5 pillars of Islam. This week, we wrapped up our project by completing our information booklets. We put our knowledge and creativity together to showcase how the umma, or the Muslim community, plays a crucial role within each pillar. From Shahada to Zakat, Salat to Sawm, and Hajj, we explored how these pillars promote unity, compassion, and support within the umma. Our booklets are filled with interesting facts, illustrations, and examples that highlight the importance of the umma in practicing and upholding the teachings of Islam. It's been an enlightening journey, and we're proud to have captured the essence of the umma through our booklets.

Study work has also taken a role in our learning this week. We have been crafting and creating our solar system page. They are already looking lovely. Well done.

During our computing lessons, we delved deeper into coding and honed our skills. We built upon our knowledge of creating algorithms and had a recap session, focusing on using the repeat block to make our instructions loop. This allowed us to automate tasks and achieve more efficient and precise coding. By mastering these concepts, we're becoming more proficient programmers and expanding our problem-solving abilities in the digital realm.

In our art sessions, we put the finishing touches on our stunning rainforest leaves. We explored various art mediums and techniques to enhance their visual appeal. Using a combination of colours, textures, and patterns, we brought the leaves to life, capturing the essence of the vibrant rainforest. Some of us experimented with layers of glue to create a glossy and realistic sheen, adding an extra touch of authenticity to our artwork. It was a creative and engaging process that allowed us to express our artistic talents while learning about the beauty of nature.

In our geography lessons, we revisited our knowledge of Manaus and explored its similarities and differences compared to cities in the UK. We also delved into the fascinating world of tribal communities and their nomadic lifestyle. Learning about their harmonious relationship with the land was truly inspiring. We discovered how these communities sustain themselves by utilizing natural resources and employing unique techniques to cultivate and create fertile land. It was an eye-opening experience that deepened our understanding of different cultures and the importance of environmental sustainability.

I hope you all have a fabulous half term,

Miss Pennance

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