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Year 5 News 21.01.22

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Another busy week has flown by and we have learnt lot of new things.

In English, we continued investigating our model text. We unpicked the vocabulary used within it and learnt how to use a thesaurus to find different synonyms. We talked about the importance of checking whether the synonym is correct for the context we are writing about. We also investigated the emotions of our main character, how to use parenthesis and what a generic 'Beat The Monster' story contains In our Book Club time, we began investigating a non-fiction text all about space. We were hooked from the beginning! As part of our lessons, we learnt how the layout and features of a non-fiction page draw the reader in and get them to keep reading.

In Maths, we started a new topic. For the next couple of weeks we will be focusing on multiplication and division. So far we have recapped how to use the grid method to solve a 2 digit by a 2 digit multiplication question. We then moved onto learn the long multiplication method. We practiced how to lay it out correctly and realised the importance of knowing our times tables.

During Monday afternoon, we did R.E and P.E.  In R.E, we were introduced to the 'Parable of The Talents'.  As part of our learning, we discussed the meaning of the story and recreated it's message using drama.  In P.E, you focused on the sport lacrosse and practiced catching the ball.

On Tuesday, we were visited by PC Nick. He shared some top tips of how to stay safe when we're out and about. He also talked to us about the different crimes we might find in our areas and the consequences of taking part in a crime. Did you know that once you turn 10 you can be arrested and have a criminal record. We're we're shocked by this but weren't worried because we are all great a following the rules.  We then moved onto Science.  We discussed whether we thought the Earth was flat or spherical.  We went outside to find evidence to support our theories and realised that based on what we could see, we could only prove that it was flat.  This led us to talk about how scientists use the evidence they have available to support their theories, and we could understand why people may have thought the Earth was flat.  We then discussed the different evidence that has been found to support that the Earth is a sphere and decided on the one that was most persuasive.  

On Wednesday, it was time for forest schools again.  In this week's session, we built shelters again.  We learnt how to weave bamboo and used the skill to create fences.  Finally, we moved onto archery!  It was great fun and it was impressive to watch you continually improve your skills.  

On Thursday, it was time for P.E with Mrs Jenkins and Music with Miss Holland. In Music, it was time for our second recorder lesson,  It was brilliant! As some of us were absent from the first lesson, we helped the absentees get up to speed. Some accurate table talk took place and then we were all ready to go. We learnt the names of parts of the recorder and why the foot joint is slightly turned to the right as we look down the recorder. This is so our little finger will reach those holes. We recapped note B, learnt how to play note A and played rhythms playing note B and A. A few squeaks could be heard, but we will soon reduce those. Great work year 5!

Finally on Friday, we began our computing project.  We started by gathering information about the solar system. We learnt some fascinating facts.  We will eventually learn how to put this information into an excel spreadsheet and format the data.  

I hope you are all having a lovely wekend, 

Miss P

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