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Year 5 News 20.05.22

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On Monday morning, PC Nick visited Y5 and Y6 to talk to us about knife crime. He chatted openly about different crimes around our area and the crimes he is called out to. You shared your thoughts about knife crime and where you had heard the term. You thought a large amount of people carry knives but we found out that 99% of people do not carry knives. Social media can sometimes be the reason as to why we think lots of people carry knives. Thank you PC Nick.

After our talk with P.C Nick, we went back to our maths and English. In Maths this week, we have continued looking at decimals. This week we moved onto looking at thousandths and how it means that a whole has been split into a thousand small pieces. We looked at the links between tenths, hundredths and thousandths and we used this to help us answer questions.

In English, we have been busy writing our shared write this week. We followed our plans and worked hard to use all the tools and signposts we need to use to create a great wishing tale. I have enjoyed reading your stories and I can't wait to see what you write for your 'Hot Write' next week.

On Monday afternoon, it was time to pick up our pencils and start drawing in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe as we moved onto the next lesson in this term's Art unit. We investigated her style and had a go at it ourselves. We used view finders to help us zoom into a particular section of the flower. Then, using sketching, we had a go at drawing the flowering in our sketch books. Finally, we used oil pastels to add colour to our work.

On Tuesday morning, we were back down at the Moss for our John Muir session this week as it was time to do round two of bug hunting and pond dipping. This time, we saw lots of more species of insects. We even found tadpole in the pond. We found some wonderful butterflies and some of us even caught a damselfly.Tuesday afternoon was full of excitement too. Mr Clarke from Shavington High school came to visit us on Tuesday. Ne brought lots of wonderful samba instruments with him. We practiced beats and rhymes, we learnt about dynamics and pitch and finally we combined our learning to create Samba music. It was so much fun and we were still singing the beats at the end.

On Wednesday, it was time for P.E and Music. In P.E this week with Mrs Jenkins, you reminded yourselves of the five shots that you practised last week. You looked at the net height and where each shot would take place in relation to it e.g. block would be close to the net and under arm serve would be further away. We split into groups and practised the different shots over the net. We then moved on to small games, scoring points when our ball landed in our opponents half.€ In music this week, we continued perfecting our Young Voices songs. We practised the actions and even managed to fit in a mini workout with the Urban Strides dancers! They were amazing! That was our PE warm up sorted too! Also, we sang our Jubilee song – Dancing in the Street. It's such an upbeat song. We are going to be great on our Jubilee celebration day.

We have been very lucky this week because we were also visited by TriKidz on Thursday. Whilst with them, we learnt about the three sports that make up a triathlon and we got to have a go at each of them. You may be thinking that this would be tricky as we don't have a pool. That wasn't a problem as we did dry swimming where you use a rope to practice your technique. Our favourite bit by far though was the bikes. We loved having a go on these. Once we'd had a practice at all three sports, it was time for a relay race. Everyone worked hard and did their best. The team from TriKidz were amazed at how hard you worked and the amazing sportsmanship and team work you showed. Great work, team!

On Thursday afternoon, it was time for R.E. We finished our unit on how a mosques helps promote the idea of one community. In this week's lesson, we started a new unit looking at how the the 5 pillars of Islam underpin the faith. You were asked questions about each pillar and discussed your ideas with your table team. We then worked a class to create mind-maps to explain why each pillar is important.

Finally, on Friday afternoon, we began creating our Jubilee mood board. We have been given the 1960s to investigate. We used the ipads to carry out research into areas we found interesting. Next week, we will be putting it all together. Friday was also World Bee Day. We had a wonderful time as we joined preschool who have also been learning about bees. You were wowed by their knowledge of bees and even learned some new information all about honey tummies! We taught Preschool the waggle dance which led to all of us sharing lots of giggles. Next we turned into bees and searched for flowers in the orchard to pollinate. Back in Preschool we played our part in helping to save the bees and planted seeds together. We ended our session exploring and playing in the Preschool garden. I am not sure who had more fun, Preschool or us! Tara was so impressed by all of you and I am very proud of you.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend,

Miss P

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