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Year 5 News 18.02.22

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Happy half term everyone!

This week we enjoyed our last forest school session. It was a blustery day, but this did not stop us from enjoying ourselves and giving each activity our all. For this session, we became artists. Using nature as our inspiration, we created poems, books, drawings, wordles, pictures and much more. It was so lovely to watch your creativity blossom and see you draw upon the things we have learnt in class too. After breaktime, we lite fires and toasted our last marshmellows. We also had our final go at archery too. Mr Hadfield said this was the best session he had ever done, and he was so impressed by how independently and diligently you worked. Well done, team!

We also finished creating our Ancient Greek pots this week. Firstly, we painted our pots orange to replicate the background colour of the original pots. Once they were dry, we then followed our designs and added in the intricate details. We used black paint to do this. Finally, we evaluated our finished piece to see how it matched to our original design. We considered what went well and what we would change. The finished pots look brilliant, and Mrs Chesters commented on how impressed she was by your handywork.

This week we also had our theme day! This was a very exciting day. We all dressed up in our Ancient Greek outfits. It was amazing to see all your costumes and the imaginative things you used to create them! During the day, we learnt about the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. We learnt about the Ancient Greek creation story (which was completely bonkers). After learning about the Olympians, we then created a set of top trump cards and played a few games with them. After break, we battled against each other in the 'Colossal Column Challenge'. We learnt about the Parthenon and then used sugar paper and masking take to create a temple structure. We tested the integrity of each temple by seeing how many books it would hold. In school, our record was 35! Those of you at home also took part in the challenge and James managed to stack over 100 books on his temple! Wow! Throughout the day, those of you at home sent video messages to use which we loved watching. Thank you! I would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone of you for dressing up, and thank you to those of you who also bought in some goodies.

In maths, we continued looking at fractions. We learnt about equivalent fractions and recapped our learning on mixed number and improper fractions. In English, we learnt about similes and metaphors and used our knowledge to create poems about the moon and the sun.

This week, Mrs Whittingham led your PHSE lesson. In your lesson, you discussed what you should and shouldn't share online. You are now more aware of how sharing something online leaves a digital footprint – a trail of everything you do online. We know that our digital footprints record every website we have visited, every message we have written, every photo we have posted and song/media item we have downloaded. Even after we delete something, it is never really gone. To complete your lesson, you designed a footprint poster to remind others to be aware of what they share online. In P.E with Mrs Jenkins, you completed your Health Related Fitness unit. This week was all about fitness games! You warmed up first and then moved around the various fitness games. You had Monopoly, Coin Flip, Trouble and Snakes and Ladders! All had a fitness twist to them involving many of the exercise skills we have been learning about. You had great fun challenging yourselves and your friends!

I hope you have a wonderful half term,

Miss P

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