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Y5 News 25.03.22

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Happy Friday everybody!

We have had a wonderful week together. Our main focuses this week were Geography and D.T. Although, we did lots of other things too.

We were also visited by Mrs Tibbetts who works for Natural England. She came to see us on Tuesday to introduce us to the John Muir Award. This is a wonderful project that Year 5 will be taking part in during the Summer Term (however we have got our first visit to Wybunbury Moss on Monday). The award will help us learn about our natural environment and help us learn how to protect it. During the introduction session, we were excited to hear about all the wonderful things we will doing and we can't wait to get started.

In Geography, we have been learning about Greece. We used maps to identify it's location and the countries that surround it. We learnt where Athens is (its capital city) and the name of the seas that surround it. In our next lesson, we focused on the climate of Greece. We jotted down our first ideas and all agreed that Greece is definitely a hot country. We then looked at the average monthly temperature and rainfall for Athens and London. The comparison in rainfall was the most striking! We then used this data to great line graphs.

In D.T, we have been busy designing our cushions. As part of the design process, we had to learn about the different ways we can add detail to our cushion; we have decided to add detail by using block printing and embroidery. This led to practicing our running stitch. We also created a mini prototype cushion too. Our lessons took lots of resilience and you persevered to overcome the challenge and become more confident. Well done!

In Maths, perseverance and resilience were needed once again as we mastered the skill of subtracting fractions. We took it one step at a time and decided that we preferred converting our mixed number fractions into improper fractions. By the end of the week, we had become more confident and began to use our skills to tackle one and two step word problems.

In English, we edited our 'Hot Writes' from last week and moved onto writing up some study work. This was a great opportunity to practice our handwriting.

In P.E this week, your lesson was a little different. You became 'mini teachers' as Year 2 joined you outside in the sunshine. I am so proud to say that you were fantastic role models. You took turns rotating around different activity stations and you showed the Year 2s the different techniques they would need to complete the task. Mrs Jenkins shared how impressed she was to hear your words of encouragement and how carefully and clearly you explained everything. Fantastic work, year 5!€

Finally, this week marked the two year anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdown. We spent some time thinking about what it was like for us and we shared some of our favourite memories from back then. After talking about the thinks that made us smile, we all took part in a minutes silence to remember and give thanks to all those who helped us during that time. Finally, we created a daffodil display to commemorate the occasion.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and that you get to enjoy the sunshine.

Have fun,

Miss P

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