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Happy Half Term Year 5

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Happy half term Year 5!

Thank you for making the first half term of 2023 fantastic. Every week, we have worked hard to develop our knowledge and learn new skills. This week has been no exception.

In maths this week, we have been learning about improper and mixed number fractions. We have learnt about the difference between the two, and we have learnt how to convert one to the other and visa versa. We have used this knowledge to order and compare fractions. We have also been writing number sequences too. In English, conjunctions remained our focus. However, this week we have been learning about subordinating conjunctions. We learnt that these are words that are used to join a main clause to a subordinate clause. Did you know that a subordinate clause can go at the beginning, middle or end of a sentence?

In our afternoon sessions this week, we have been very creative. On Monday, our focus was D.T. As we are making cushions this term, we have had to learn a new stitch – the blanket stitch. Did you know that this is a handy stitch for joining fabric? In this lesson, we used binka to develop our confidence and mastery of it. Art has also been a focus this week. Last week, we lovingly made our pots, so this week it was time to paint them; we used orange and black to emulate the colours of ancient Greek pottery. You took your time and tried your hardest to replicate your designs. Your pots look great. I hope you are very proud of them. We have also been busy with Study Work this week. We have been working hard to craft a page dedicated to Young Voices.

In Music, you continued to learn how to play the ukulele. You practised playing chord c whilst learning to play the songs 'My Dog Has Flees' and 'A Sailor Went To Sea'. In French this week, we looked at the cities in France, how to pronounce them in French, as well as asking C'est où ça? We discussed similarities and differences between France and Britain. We did list Nantwich as a city, but then changed our minds after realising it is a town. We talked about where we live, what is in the area we live and what features, both human and physical, we can talk about.

In PSHE this week, our focus was E-Safety. We learnt about the term 'digital footprint'. We realised that when we share and post things online, we leave information behind, and this is called a digital footprint. We considered the information that we may leave without even knowing it. We also discussed how to be careful when sharing things and the responsibility we have to ourselves and others. For example, before posting a picture or piece of information about someone else, we must check that they give us permission to post it.

This week, we also had our final 'Interfaith Week' session. It was very special session as we were visited by people of different faiths. We were visited by Matthew and Michelle. Matthew told us about the Christian faith, and he shared artifacts that symbolise his faith. Michelle told us about the Jewish faith. We learnt that Jewish people have two birthdays. The first is a birthday linked to the calendar that we all follow, and other birthday is linked to the Jewish calendar. It was fascinating listening to them share their knowledge. They even answered some of the questions we had prepared too.

I hope you all have a fantastic half term,

Miss P

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