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22.04.22 Year 5 Weekly News

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Welcome back to our last term together! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. This term we will be learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. We will be journeying there with Fred, Con, Max and Lila in our new book 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell. This will be our class story and it is one of our '5 Favourite Books'. Our other favourite books.

We began to read our new class story this week during our English lessons. First, we read the blurb, looked at the front cover and then made predictions about what we thought might happen in the story. From the blurb, we know that at the beginning of the story our characters are in a plane which crashes over in the middle of the Amazon rainforest (and they are without their parents). As a class, we felt that this story may be an adventure or quest story. As a class, we predict that the characters are going to need to overcome many different challenges to survive the new dangerous world they find themselves in. Some of us think that another focus of the book will be the children trying to back to their parents. After making our predictions, we read the first chapter which led to many questions about the story. I'm looking forward to reading more!

In Maths, we continued learning how to multiply mixed number fractions. We have learnt two different methods. One involves separating the mixed number into its wholes and parts. The other involves converting the mixed number into an improper fraction. We compared the two methods and talked about which one we preferred most and why. Finally, we used this knowledge to help us solve word problems.

We also began our Big Art project this week. For our project, each of drew and painted a leaf which could be found in the rainforest because the rainforest is our focus this term. Next week, we are going to use mixed media techniques to add more detail and texture to our leaves. When finished, we will use them to decorate the classroom and bring the rainforest to Wybunbury.

In Science this week, we began our new unit which is all about the properties of materials. To start our lesson off, you played a game. Within your groups, you all took on a role. We were then given an unknown item and one of you had to describe it to the rest of your team. Your teammates then had to guess what you were describing. Whilst playing the game, we realised we were listing the properties of materials. We came up with words like flexible, smooth and breakable. We then moved onto explore other properties of materials and learnt the word permeable. Finally, we sorted different materials into groups based on their properties.

For this week's R.E lesson, we continued learning about the Islamic faith. We recapped all of the things we had learnt before Easter and then moved onto consider how a mosque promotes the idea of community. You were given 9 different statements that shared facts about how a mosque supports its community. You then had to choose the five that you thought were most important. These were then used to create a mind map.

This term is Young Voices so for your music lesson this week you continued learning the songs that we will be singing. First, we listened to O'Fortuna. After listening, we sang along using the transliteration section to help us. It proved quite tricky as the dynamics of the music do vary throughout. Next, we sang Mambo Italiano and learnt the dance actions to accompany it; followed by singing the Pop Medley. To end the lesson, we sang our favourite song – Power In Me with the actions. Well done for working so hard this week.

In P.E, you practised using control to balance your ball on your rackets while balancing, squatting, and moving around. We rolled the ball around the racket and moved on to bouncing the ball up and down. We got into pairs and focussed on accuracy by using a hoop to aim our bounce into during rallies. We stood further apart if we managed to hit the target, to make it harder. We then finished with a keepie uppy competition!€

We enjoyed another John Muir session this week. For this session, Mrs Tibbetts came into school and told us all about barn owls. Did you know that Wybunbury Moss is home to barn owls? We then found out that owls produce something called an owl pallet. Initially, we found the idea a little unsavoury but once we started dissecting them our 'ews' were soon turned into 'wows' as we found all manner of interesting things inside them.

Finally, to end our week it was time to share our Easter Service. We walked down to church and retold the Easter story. It was our first time in church for a while and you did a wonderful job. You spoke clearly and sang beautifully. I am very proud of you all. Well done.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Miss P

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