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Year 4 News 28.01.22

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Throughout our English lessons this week, we have planned and written our own shared write. The children were encouraged to choose a warning from a set of 6 images and then asked to plan how the warning would unfold. We focused on using speech, fronted adverbials and also adjectives throughout our writing. The children have edited as we have worked and we have produced some fantastic pieces of work. We have also planned our hot writes ready for next week.

In our Maths lessons, we have been continuing to develop our multiplication and division knowledge. This week's focus was on developing our understanding of short multiplication. Throughout the week, we have been learning how to multiply a two digit number by a one digit number and multiply a three digit number by a one digit number. This involved us recalling how we carry over to the next value column. We have also completed problem solving activities which required us to read word problems and understand which short multiplication calculation we should use.

Our reading lessons this week, have been reading aloud. It has been lovely to share reading books with everyone in class. This week, we have also spent some time enjoying our Robin Hood class story.

In our spelling lessons this week, we have been learning how to add the prefix '-inter' to a variety of root words.

In our RE lessons this week, we have explored the parable of the pearl. We watched a Lego version of the story and consider how this linked to the idea of the 'Kingdom of God'. Children discussed how this story meant that treasures can be found in the kingdom of God. We talked about treasure which is priceless. Children thought about love, happiness and kindness. We considered what our own treasures would be.

History has been based on the question 'Why did the Normans build castles?' We started our lesson by looking at pictures of castles from different times. The children were ask to put them in order of when they thought the castles were built and gave justifications for our choices. We looked at fortresses first and then focused our attention to Motte and Bailey castles, the first castles built by the Normans. In order to learn more, the children took part in a spy mission. Children were set the challenge to learn about the features of a Motte and Bailey castle by looking at a diagram and repeating this information back to their group to replicate the poster. We then had an in-depth discussion about the features, strengths and also weaknesses of Motte and Bailey castles. At the end of the lesson, the children wrote two things they had learnt and gave one question that they still wanted to learn.

In our Art lessons this week, we have started to learn about our artist for this term – Hans Holbein. We learnt about his early life and looked at some examples of art work he produced. We were so impressed by his portrait of Thomas Moore. It is so realistic. We then started to discuss his style and what we liked about his work. In our next lesson, we drew portraits of ourselves. We want to see how we can our art skills for portraits develop over this term.

In our French lessons this week, we have started to learn how to speak about our pets in French. This led to many lovely conversation about our additional family members and we loved learning how to say tortoise and hamster in French just to name a few!

This week in our music lesson, we continued to build on our previously learnt skills. We recapped how to hold our instruments and how to sit correctly. The correct posture equals the correct sound! Consecutively, on the count of 4, we layered our sound texture. We watched our first practise back, and had two more attempts at beginning playing and stopping at the correct time.

We began our new unit – Too Much Selfie isn't Healthy! We spoke about whether it is better to give or get from others. As a class, we decided it is better to give to others. This makes us feel good and provides us with happiness. Next, we spoke about being observant and being aware of those around us. If we are more aware of our surroundings, we will notice differences in others. If we notice when others are in need, we can ask the question, "What can I do to help?"

Our Science investigation about gases lasted a whole week! We measured how heavy each drink was, and then found the difference to show which drink was the fizziest. We learnt that Dr Pepper was the fizziest, weighing 42g less after a week. We explained the results by saying the carbon dioxide in the drink had escaped. We then thought about the question, can you think about a time when water changes into a gas? We thought about puddles on the playground and socks drying on a washing line. These examples have us an introduction to evaporation. We learnt that heat changes the liquid particles in water to move and take up more space resulting in a gas (water vapour). This week's investigation is to discover which container is best for a bird water dish. Using three different sized containers, we measured 50ml of water. Next week we will record how much water is left behind to show which container would be most suitable for the water dish.

In our computing lesson this week, we have been learning more about loops. This involved an unplugged lesson to begin. We recapped how to programme a reboot manually using a written algorithm rather than coding online. We wrote our own algorithms on our whiteboards. We then moved on to learn how to use loops on code studio to help B-B8 to pick up scrap metal. We independently worked through the activities. We did need to support each other on some of the harder levels. We also learnt how to use a nesting loop to add repeating loops inside each other.

We have really enjoyed our week in Year 4!

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