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Year 3 News 21.4.23

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Welcome to the summer term year 3!

We have certainly hit the ground running this week.

In Big Art, we researched Anglo Saxon shields, looking at the designs used and the typical colour schemes. We designed our own on paper to begin with, then we moved on to thick card. We sketched our designs and then painted them carefully. Finally, we added gold Gutta, a type of thick paint, to add raised detailing to our shields. We also painted a map of the UK in various shades of green and created a looking glass using a hoop, tin foil and black paper, all ready to go on display.

In English and SPaG, we have looked at the suffix -ion. We have also recapped earlier knowledge of adverbs, prepositions and switching between present and past tense.

In maths we have focussed on fractions. We have looked at finding fractions of numbers by dividing the number by the denominator of the fraction. We learned that to find 1/5 of 20, we would divide 20 by 5, so 1/5 of 20 = 4. We also found it useful to check our answers by using the inverse operation of multiplication, so 4x5=20. We then moved on to finding out fractions like 3/5 of 20. We found 1/5 first, then multiplied our answer by the numerator, so 1/5 of 20= 4, 4x3= 12, therefore 3/5 of 20 = 12. We are fantastic at fractions!

In science we have finished our unit on animals and humans. We learned about vertebrates and invertebrates and then searched around the room for pictures of creatures. We classified them into; internal skeleton, external skeleton, shell and no protection. We continued on to muscles. We looked at how they move in pairs, while one contracts, the other extends. We learned how they attach to our bones and that they help us move. We also looked at where some of the main muscles of the body can be found. Freya's dad very kindly lent us a skeleton tunic so that we could place the bones of the torso and label them, it was brilliant!

It has been health and safety week in school and we have had a first aid lesson on burns and scalds. We learned about the types of burns and scalds and thought about how these can happen. We learned what to do in the case of minor and severe wounds and had a go at wrapping a pretend burn using cling film. We also designed posters to tell others what to do in the event of a burn or scald. We also had a talk from PC Nick about how to contact the emergency services and which service may be needed in an accident.

In Heartsmart we have looked at how our actions and words can affect other people as well as how we deal with upsets.

We were very excited to have our recorders back in our music lesson today! We recapped notes – B, A and G. We then reviewed our thoughts on playing these notes in our music books. We then moved on to use notes B, A and G to play Hot Cross Buns. We went through four steps to help us with this. Step 1 was to clap the rhythm. Step 2 was to speak the letter names. Step 3 was to practice the fingerings. Step 4 was to play! We played Hot Cross Buns twice. After listening back to both practices, we could hear a definite improvement.

We had a fantastic time at Mr Dale's marathon madness. We were brilliant at the all of the fun exercises and thoroughly enjoyed the rugby sessions too!

Have a great weekend.

Miss McCurrie and Mrs Jenkins

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