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Y3 News 6.5.22

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This week has been filled with lots of fun things from fractions, to planting seeds, to even starting to plan your own wishing story!

On Tuesday, in maths you had a lesson on fractions to make 1 whole. We sat together on the carpet and went through a few questions together to recap our knowledge. Then you played a matching game where we sat around the carpet trying to finish the sequence. I'm English, you recapped the story map and highlighted all the key features of the model text. We also recapped similes to make sure we understand where they go. Our HeartSmart lesson helped us to think about other people and sometimes that involves sharing – which is great, but there are some things we should never share especially when we are online. We know that one thing we should never share with strangers – is our identity. As protecting our possessions is important, it is much more important to protect ourselves and our personal information/identity. Bible Reference – ‘Happy is anyone who becomes wise – who come to have understanding.’ Proverbs 3:13.

On Wednesday, in maths you started to understand tens as a fraction. You all smashed this, well done year 3! I'm English we created a bank of adjectives which we could use in our very own stories. Some of you even used a thesaurus to find really interesting words! In science we started our investigation around growing plants and the different things plants needed to grow. We had a message from an alien explaining they're trying to grow plants in there plant and don't understand why they won't grow! Let's see which plant will grow the most, the one on the window, the one in the cupboard or the one in the fridge! Then you had a code studio lesson being the artist!

On Thursday, in maths you had another lesson all about tens. In English, you created a poem all about plastic for our study work! Well done year 3, these are all lovely! In the afternoon you had a history lesson all about the history of communication. We explored all the different types of communication over the years from carrier pigeons to the modern day mobile phones! You then created cup phones out of paper cups, wrote a letter to yourself and designed what a future form of communication might look like!

On Friday, in maths you explored fractions as a number and represented them on a number line. In English, you started the boxing up for your very own story all about someone who lives in a city and they're wishing for more trees! In the afternoon, you painted your still life using water colours. We then had our PE lesson, you were learning how to intercept the ball when it was moving. You played "piggy in the middle" hockey style. Then played a mini game where the mean which got the most balls from the net won!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! See you on Monday for another fun filled week of learning.

Miss Holliwell

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