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Y3 News 20.5.22

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Wow what a busy week year 3 have had!

This week we had 2 very exciting things happen. On Wednesday, Sarah from Sustainability Nantwich came to visit us. She taught us about what they do at sustainability Nantwich and how we can look after our plant to make sure its around for generations to come. She was very kind and gave you all some sunflower seeds for your gardens to enter into Nantwich’s sunflower competition. On Thursday, TriKidz came into school. You all competed in triathlon against each other working so hard and cheering each other on so nicely. We even came 3rd in the whole school!

In English, you have created a character description using prepositions, similes and adjectives. You have edited your shared write about a wish for more trees. You have also planned your very own wishing story using all the skills we have learnt! Finally, you write your very own wishing story. You had to include similes, commas in lists and after fronted adverbial and prepositions.

In maths, you have 2 lessons on money this week and all about adding money together. You then finished our first fractions unit. You focused on fractions of an object and had to use all our skills to answer problem solving questions.

In science, you explored the different parts of a flower and their job in the flowers reproductive system.

In history, you wrote a diary entry about a day without the internet. You used many skills in this lesson. We discovered that SO many things use the internet and it would be very tricky for us all!

In computing and history, you explored the 1980s for our jubilee project. Using your googling skills as well as history skills to find key historical events that took place in the 80s!

In art, you continued to look at ‘The Grey Tree’ by Piet Mondrian. You created a fact file about Piet Mondrian and labelled things you liked about his art work.

In PE, you explored drilling using the hockey stick. Unfortunately, our PE lesson got rudely interrupted by the heavy rain so we can to come inside and do some yoga instead!

For our HeartSmart lesson this week, we have been learning to think about and describe the difference between forgiving and not. We know that forgiveness is an extraordinarily hard thing to practice and may be the hardest thing we ever do in life. After looking at different scenarios, we looked at the effects our decisions would have on our hearts. Looking at the ‘rubbing it out’ response, we realised how a HeartSmart response will strengthen and bring health to our hearts.

Bible Reference- ‘Love does not count up wrongs that have been done.’ 1 Corinthians 13:4-5

In spellings this week you have been practicing some of our key words for year 3: believe, experience, material, recent, bicycle and experiment using our practicing skills such as pyramid words and drawing pictures to help us remember them!

Wow! Another week over! Only one for week until half term holidays. This past few weeks have just flown by! You will be in year 4 before we know it.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Miss Holliwell

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