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Y3 News! 18.2.22

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We have had a great week in year 3. Now you are exactly halfway through year 3! Crazy how time flies when you're working hard and having fun.

On Monday, in RE we wrote a postcard to someone to tell them about our learning about parables and how they show us how to live today as much as they did when Jesus first told them. In your music lesson you sang Three Little Birds and played your instruments as a musical accompaniment in the middle of the song. We feel we have come a long way on our learning journey this term. In the afternoon, you focused on your handwriting as you continue to improve your letter formation skills and size of your letters. We then had some time focusing on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. You practised them so well and I think you almost know them all!

On Tuesday, in maths you were putting your times table skills to good use and exploring divisibility. You were able to work out when there would be a remainder or not by using a pictorial method. In English, we read an interesting story about Jimmy who had 'borrowed' something from an Ancient Egypt display in a museum. Your job was to finish the story and tell me exactly what he had 'borrowed' from the museum and what happened to it when he got home. These were super to read through! Well done year 3! In HeartSmart this week, we discussed how some choices we make will affect our physical health. As the focus of letting love in involves looking after ourselves well, we looked at the importance of healthy eating and how eating well helps our bodies. We had numerous food and drink items to sort into – healthy and unhealthy lunchboxes. To do this, a fair vote was carried out. Cheese and yogurt were placed in between the lunchboxes as we were undecided on where to place these. It would depend on the type of cheese and yogurt we could have in our lunchboxes. However, we still recognised the importance of eating dairy products. Bible Reference – 'Well, whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it all for God's glory.' 1 Corinthians 10:31

On Wednesday, in maths you explored related facts for multiplication and division and how you could write 4 multiplication facts and 4 division facts for each calculation. You did a super job at this! In English, you had to create a character description of an Ancient Egyptian. You had to use adjectives and prepositions to make your writing interesting. I enjoyed reading these. In the afternoon, you explored who Tutankhamun was and how his discovery of his tomb made a huge impact on the history of Ancient Egypt. Can you remember who discovered his tomb? Then you explored creating a story using computing. You had to make your character do different things and explore different actions such as talking, making sounds and moving in different directions. You did a great job!

On Thursday morning, you had a maths quiz to show off how amazing you all are at multiplication and division. You also checked all your power maths books for anything you needed to correct. In the afternoon, you explored further about shadows and how they are formed when something opaque blocks the light. Then we had some quiet time doing some mindfulness activities and making sure we were ready for the end of our first half term together.

I hope you all have a fantastic half term holiday and a well deserved break! Please remember that over half term I won't be setting any homework but please practice your times tables on TTrockstars and watch the youtube videos, read your books and catch up on any missed homework. I am looking forward to seeing your well rested faces on the 28th February!

Miss Holliwell

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