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Y3 News 11.3.22

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Wow! What a busy week of learning in year 3!

In English this week, you have explored the model text about the Great Sphinx. You learnt all the actions to go along with it. You explored the -ly suffix, subordinating conjunctions and how to use subheadings by creating short bursts of writing and improving our skills. You then created a tool kit for your very own information text.

In maths this week, you were challenged and used our multiplication skills to work out 2 digit numbers multiplied by 1 digit numbers. You used your partitioning skills, multiplication skills and addition skills to help you. This was a challenge but you all smashed it.

In spelling and handwriting this week you have explored the suffix -ous and you have started the arm to boat join in handwriting. You have all done so well. In book club, you have all been given the opportunity to read allowed to either myself or Mrs Parker and all your reading is so clear!

In RE, you recalled and created a sequence of the last supper and the Easter story! Fantastic year 3, these look wonderful.

Well what a lovely HeartSmart lesson we had this week! What kind of good deeds could we do for others this week? How will being kind to others make us feel? Being considerate towards, and thinking of others creates healthy friendships for us and stops others from feeling lonely or left out. Bible Reference: ‘We must not become tired of doing good.’ Galatians 6:9

You also had a visit from PC Nick who explored personal safety, stranger danger, playing out safely, water safety, car safety and road safety! Thank you PC Nick!

In science this week, you explored friction and forces. Using toy cars and 8 different materials to explore how far the car travelled along the different materials. You soon realised that my coat created a lot of friction and prevented the car from travelling very far.

In geography, you explored the compass and the 8 different points on the compass. You went outside and with a partner used the compass to go from point to point in the playground following a list of instructions.

In computing this week you have started a new unit which started with an unplugged activity exploring what an algorithm is. This was super fun to see you all engaged and involved in the activity.

In French, you explored different body parts. You learned head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose in French! Well done year 3!

In DT, you designed your own moveable Egyptian God or Goddess and started to understand how split pins work. You got to look at what a split pin was and how they can be used to create joints in your moveable figure.

Well done year 3! You have all worked so hard this week! I hope you have had a good weekend and homework is set on Maths.co.uk for this week.

Miss Holliwell

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