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Year 2 Weekly News: 8.7.22

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It's been a very sporty week in Year 2. You have all achieved so much and I can't wait to tell you all about it...

In English this week, we spent a lot of time completing our Study Work. We had a big focus this week on our handwriting, making sure that it was joined. We completed an R.E page recounting our work on Judaism. We also spent time completing a series of handwriting sessions focusing on our washing line and arm joins. Well done, Y2!

We continued to use our phonics knowledge to help us with spelling this week, as well as a focus on word classes. We identified nouns, adjectives and adverbs throughout the week in the many books that we read.

In Maths this week, we started our new and final unit of mass and capacity. We recapped key Y1 learning and thought about some of the measurements we already knew. We focused this week on grams and kilograms. We used practical resources including scales and weights to build upon our knowledge of mass.

In Geography, we continued to look at seasons in relation to the UK. We spent time thinking about the weather of the UK and linked this to our knowledge of seasons. We completed a field view sketch of the sky outside and used key weather words to describe the weather for that day. We then looked at creating our own mini weather report. We once again used key geographical words to produce our reports. They sounded fantastic!

In R.E this week, we completed our unit on Judaism. We once again recapped all the knowledge we have already learnt and then thought about questions we could ask about this. We used question starters to think about a range of questions that we would like to ask a person of the Jewish faith. Our questions related to the Torah, Synagogues and Shabbat. We also used the questions to create a fantastic Study Work page. We also used our assessment piece for our Study Work page too.

In our extra P.E session this week we practised for our Sports Day. It was fantastic to see everyone competing in all the races – a great effort! On Friday we all did the same thing again. I was so proud to see everyone taking part in all the races, cheering on your friends and having a brilliant day all round. Thank you to all the parents and carers who also came along to make our day so special!

In our HeartSmart lesson this week, we were learning the consequences of teasing or bullying. Using a paper heart, we crumpled the heart up and then tried to smooth the heart out to make it look new again. We did this to show how treating someone unkindly, adds a crumple. If this behaviour was to continue, it would become bullying and add more crumples. Once kind words have been used, we cannot smooth the crumples away. Bible Reference – 'Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.' Proverbs 16:24

We also took part in a range of worships this week, our favourite Year 6's Worship where we got to celebrate our sporting achievements of the week. It was lovely to hear Year 4 share a song with us too.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Dale

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