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Year 2 Weekly News: 6.5.22

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Another fantastic week in Year 2 has seen us become comic book creators, seed dissectors and portrait designers

In English this week we completed another short writing unit around character description. We focused on our superhero books and used these as a stimulus to help with our descriptions. We learnt about lots of different superheroes, their backstories and superpowers. We spent time editing a version of Mr Dale’s work, we found lots of mistakes and we edited them all in green pen. We then spent time designing our own superhero using an online Marvel programme, they all looked so cool! We thought about the words we could include, as well as the superpowers our heroes might possess. On Friday, we wrote up all of our ideas and produced some fantastic writing full of punctuation, spellings and so much more!

In Maths, we have completed lots of work around word problems. We thought about how to solve a range of problems so that we are always using the correct operations and methods. We worked in groups, pairs and of course on our own throughout the week. This will definitely help us with our SATS in a couple of weeks. We also completed the 2019 Maths papers and all scored really well. Throughout the week, we also had lots of extra playtimes and fresh air in between our maths learning!

In Art this week, we continued our unit on portraits. Our focus this week was all directed to ‘moving portraits’. We talked about the importance of an artist making their portraits look exciting and viewed comic books to see how this could be done. We looked at a range of superhero poses and took our time to carefully sketch them. We used the sketch pencils to create a line drawing of our favourite poses and they looked so effective. Well done, team!

In phonics and reading we continued to read a range of different texts and answer lots of comprehension questions too. We worked through a previous SATS paper to pick up some tips and tricks for answering some of the trickier questions. Well done!

In Science, we continued our investigations into plants. After Mr. Dale sabotaged our cress seeds through giving the plants no water, air, space or food, it was time to think about the consequences of this. We looked carefully at our plants and sketched down what we saw. We saw drooping leaves, dry soil and discoloured stems. We thought about why this had happened and realised that plants definitely do have basic needs. We created a fantastic science poster around this. We then spent time dissecting a broad bean seed. We removed its seed coat and looked closely at the baby plant and food store, we can’t wait to plant them next week!

In Computing, we started our new project this week. We used an app called Superhero HD to create our own comic book strips. We spent the lesson getting to grips with the app and used a range of skills along the way. We were able to add characters, backgrounds and even record our voices to bring our strips to life.

In R.E, we started our new unit all about symbols and what they mean to Christians. Our starting point was to look at a range of symbols and think about what they made us think of. We then looked more closely at Christian symbols including the cross, fish and candle. We sketched some of the symbols and wrote sentences about what each symbol represented for a Chrsitian, well done, team!

We were lucky this week as we had an extra P.E session with Hayley. We practised our ball and racquet skills. It was great to see you all outside and having so much fun!

We have now reached the end of our unit, ‘Too Much Selfie isn’t Healthy! We completed our reflection on how we show love to others. We spoke of all of the kind and thoughtful acts we have done to look after others and we were gripped listening to each other’s stories. Year 2, Mr Dale and Miss Holland are really proud of you! Bible Reference – ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Mark 12:31

We then learnt the name of our new unit, ‘Don’t Hold On to What’s Wrong!’ We listened to Boris and learnt how this unit will teach us about forgiveness. So far, we know that letting go of the bad feelings in our hearts can help our hearts to become happy again. Bible Reference – ‘Love does not count up wrongs that have been done.’ 1 Corinthians 13:4-5

We also took part in different worships this week. Our favourite was Reverend Alsion’s as we learnt all about how the bible is one huge collection of stories and books.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Dale

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