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Year 2 Weekly News: 30.9.22

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Another busy week has passed us by in Year 2...

During English this week, we concluded our unit on all about a warning story. We used our previous learning to help us include adjectives, full stops and capital letters in our work. They were fantastic to read and I loved how you all had beautiful handwriting throughout your stories.

We continued to also spend lots of time this week working on our handwriting. We thought about boat, sun and sea letters and where they sit on the line once again. Well done!

In Phonics and our reading sessions this week, we continued to recap a range of sounds and spellings. Well done, team. It's also been great to see so many book reviews this week too, please keep it up!

In Maths, we continued to build upon our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We looked at related number facts and used our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us with number bonds to 100. We used number squares, counting beads and even an interactive splat square to help us with our learning this week.

In our second MyHappyMind session, we recapped the three parts of the brain and moved onto thinking about how we learn things. Doing something over and over again to learn a new skill or idea is called neuroplasticity. We all thought of examples of where our own brains had shown neuroplasticity, well done!

In P.E, we completed sessions with Mrs Jenkins and Ebony. With Ebony, we honed our football skills and worked in pairs to perfect our shooting. We played a game where we had to shoot and perfect our technique! We also had a taekwondo session with Mr Wright on Friday – it was super fun!

For music this week, we began looking at creating our own chant about our space topic. We created a list of words linked to our topic, and then in partners, we had to think of words that rhymed with them. When we felt confident, we created phrases or sentences to share with the class. We will collate these to create our class topic chant next week. We then read rhythms using crotchets (rhythm syllable – Ta) and quavers (rhythm syllable – Ti-Ti).

In R.E, we continued to answer our big question of "What do stories from the Bible tell Christians about God?". We were shining lights this week as we thought about the story of the Good Samaritan! We role played the story and decided which part was the most important.

Throughout the week we have taken part in a number of worships. On Wednesday, we thought about our families. We reflected on our family members and wrote luggage tags about our close family members.

In History, we started to focus on our unit all about Neil Armstrong and his life. Within our lesson this week we looked at Neil's life and thought about putting this into a timeline. We looked at key moments of his life and drew pictures to illustrate this. We watched videos and looked at pictures to help us understand his amazing life.

In Art, we finished our unit on Van Gogh's Starry Night! We finished our learning by recapping all the techniques we have used over the sessions. We used the app, Brusho Redux, to create digital versions of the famous paintings. We used the app to create different brush strokes and mix a variety of colours. They all looked brilliant!

For our second HeartSmart lesson this term we focused on what it meant to get HeartSmart. This week saw us focus upon using our power plays. This included thinking about how we could show power to be kind. We thought of situations where we could demonstrate kindness and switch on our power play buttons. Well done!

Have a lovely Sunday,

Mr Dale

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