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Year 2 Weekly News: 25.3.22

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We’ve had another fantastic week in Year 2. We’ve done so much from sorting out shapes to coding complex algorithms!

In English this week, we spent time focusing upon a new short unit all about diary writing. We broke down the features of a diary and from this created a checklist we could use. We thought about the purpose of a diary and included features such as pronouns, adjectives, time words and much, much more! We also took time to think about conjunctions this week and their role in our writing. We iused the acronym FANBOYS to help us with coordinating conjunction whilst also playing around with subordinating conjunctions including because. Next week will see us build upon our learning and begin to write our very own diaries, I can’t wait to read them!

In Phonics and Reading we continued to answer a range of comprehension questions and build upon our phonics knowledge through a range of sounds. We also completed our NFER reading quizzes this week. You were all so fantastic at answering the questions and using your comprehension skills along the way, well done!

In Maths, we started a new unit all about shape. We recapped previous Y1 learning and got to grips with naming a range of 2d and 3d shapes. Throughout the week we used practical equipment to draw and build our own shapes. This made it easy to count shapes sides, vertices and also helped us to spot quadrilateral shapes too. We answered lots of Power Maths questions and even some reasoning questions too. I can’t wait to carry on our shape investigations into next week.

We also spent time taking part in a number of worships throughout the week. Our favourite was on Monday, where we got into as discussion about the role of sending letters in our modern world.

In Computing, we completed two tasks this week. Our first job was all about online safety. We learnt all about our digital footprints and how these live with us throughout our lives. We talked about how you can limit your digital footprint by hiding information about yourself online. We discussed what is safe to share and how your real name, address and secrets about yourself are NOT safe to share. After this, we started our new coding course on Code Studio. We recapped key vocabulary including algorithm, debugging and block code. From this, we were able to build simple lines of code including using loops to improve our coding efficiency.

In R.E, we continued to think about our big question around forgiveness and why Christians use prayer. Our focus this week was about prayer and how Christians use it in their life. We talked about who might pray and why someone might pray. We created fantastic artwork around this and came up with some brilliant answers including confession, forgiveness, to spread love and many more. Well done!

In Geography, we recapped the 7 continents and 5 oceans and then learnt all about the climates of the world. We found out that the world can be split into different climate zones and these zones each have different conditions, weathers and animals within them. We used a world map to locate the different zones and also used our knowledge of the equator to help us.

In our HeartSmart lesson this week, we looked at everyday heroes in our community and how they help to protect and look after us. We know we have: Police Officers, Paramedics, Vets, Doctors, Postmen, Mechanics and Religious leaders, to name a few. In groups, we listed how these heroes help us and our community. We appreciate their roles greatly and are aware of how how hard they work for us. Bible Reference: ‘Always give thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Ephesians 5:20

We had an extra P.E session this week and it was fantastic to hear all about it (there were lots of red faces!). The children played a pirate and treasure game in the sun and you definitely burnt off lots of energy in the process!

What a brilliant week,

Mr Dale

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