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Year 2 Weekly News: 20.5.22

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This week has seen us become SATS superstars, super sewers and 1990s researchers...

The children completed their SATS this week and absolutely smashed it! Everyone was working so hard each day and I am so proud of you all. We completed four papers overall and with each one, you gave your all. Well done, team! On Friday we had a celebration day to mark our brilliant achievements. We each bought a game of our choice and taught it to the rest of the class. We played twister, 5 second rule, monopoly and many many more! We had so much fun and we even had a chance to play a giant game of hide and seek in the afternoon on the adventure playground and Fort Lewis.

In History we started our new unit all about kings and queens. We thought about the role of a monarch and what jobs a royal person may have to do. We thought about the important role they play in our society and used this as a platform to create our own rules for society to follow. We thought about how our rules would affect the UK population and there were some great suggestions based around recycling, money and new laws. On Wednesday, in our second lesson we focused upon the Queen. We used a timeline to plot some of the significant moments in her life. We linked decades all the way from the 1920s to now! Well done!

We have also been busy preparing for next week's Jubilee celebrations. We have focused on the particular decade of the 1990s. We have learnt all about the trends, music, films and fashion over that decade. We used research tools, played 90s video games and sang our chosen 90s song – Wonderwall by Oasis. We can't wait to share our mood board and song with the rest of the school on Friday.

In D.T we started our new unit on sewing. We spent the lesson practising our sewing skills and focused upon the running stitch. We even practised threading our own needle, this builds upon the sewing skills we did in Year 2. Well done, team!

In R.E we continued our new unit all about symbols and what they mean to Christians. We thought about the Christian symbols we had already seen and discussed them further. We then investigated the holy spirit and how it can be represented through symbols. We discussed water, fire and the dove, we used these to create wonderful artwork pieces that symbolise the holy spirit. Well done!

We were lucky this week as we had an extra P.E session with Hayley. We practised our ball and racquet skills once again and moved onto completing rallies in tennis. Well done! We were also lucky enough to have TriKidz come in and teach us all about triathlons. We rode the bikes, jogged the track and swam using the elastic ropes. We were so tired by the end of it

Year 2 HeartSmart:
Don't Hold On to What's Wrong – Lesson 2 – That's What Friends Are For: This week we have been learning about saying sorry and offering forgiveness between friends. We watched a short clip from the film 'Shrek' where Shrek and Donkey are making up after an argument. Seeing the way Shrek said sorry to Donkey in a meaningful way, taught us the way we say sorry is more important than just saying it.
Bible Reference – 'Love does not count up wrongs that have been done.' 1 Corinthians 13:4-5

We also took part in different worships this week. Our favourite was Year 6 Worship as we got to congratulate Seraphina on her Guardian Angel award.

Have a lovely Sunday,

Mr Dale

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