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Year 2 Weekly News: 1.4.22

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We've had such a jam-packed last week of term filled with first aid, fun and of course topic day!

In English this week, we finished our short unit about diary writing recounts. We took the opportunity to look at lots of examples, using highlighters to pinpoint key features and language we liked. We also became editors and teachers ourselves as we all had to mark a piece of writing. We made sure to use our all the time toolkit and diary writing toolkit to help us. After our fantastic topic day on Thursday, we used Friday's writing time to write our very own diaries about them. They were so fantastic to read and were packed with SPaG, past tense and such neat handwriting. A fantastic effort, team!

In Phonics and Reading we continued to answer a range of comprehension questions and build upon our phonics knowledge through a range of sounds.

In Maths, we continued our unit all about shape. We investigated how to sort particular shapes this week and learnt a new maths word of 'polygon' too. We continued to build our knowledge of vertices and sides whilst also being able to draw our own shapes too. Our knowledge of shape names is also improving and we will be carrying on our learning on shape after the Easter break. It was also fantastic to see everyone becoming more confident on our reasoning starter questions throughout the week too.

We also spent time taking part in a number of worships throughout the week. Our favourite was on Friday, where Y6 told us that Y2 had won the 'green class award' for all of our efforts surrounding litter picking. Well done, team!

In Computing, we completed our second lesson of code. We once again used and built our own algorithms to allow our sprite to complete a number of levels. We used efficient code by creating loops and had to debug a range of problems along the way too. Some of us even got onto our coding challenge which required us to debug a broken algorithm.

In Science, we spent time writing mini reports about a range of different materials. We decided which material we would write about and planned our reports carefully. In our paragraphs we thought about the types of objects our materials could make, the properties of our materials and why our materials may not be suitable for some things. Well done!

In Geography, we focused on the relationship between continents and countries. We thought about what the difference was between the two and of course recapped all seven continents and five oceans too. We then practised using the index of the atlases and by the end of the lesson were able to find a range of countries and locate the continents that they were within. We used the sentence: __________ is a country in the continent of ______________. How many can you remember?

On Thursday, we had an amazing topic day filled with astronauts, rockets and of course, CAKE! Our day started with a space dance/disco in the hall with lasers and flashing lights. We completed a mega topic quiz in pairs and even took part in a create your own planet competition. We also used our favourite app "Apollo Moonshot" to explore the moon and space shuttles alike! In the afternoon we played more space games and finished by watching Wall-E. What a brilliant day. The costumes were absolutely fantastic and a big thank you to the parents and carers who put so much effort into making the day so special. Thank you.

This week was also special because it was Wybunbury Delves' First Aid Week. We started our week off on Monday when we learnt all about bites and stings. We learnt the difference between the two and played animal charades to think about what creatures bite and which ones sting. From this, we learnt the first aid process behind a bite or a sting. We role played this in partners and followed the steps of reassurance, cleaning, elevating and calling for help if it's needed. You were all fantastic at this. Later in the week, we had a very special visitor come into school and speak to us about dialling 999. Miss Taylor (who is now a Police Communication Officer) helped us learn all about when we may need to ring 999 and what a phone call might sound like. We asked lots of questions and learnt about situations when we would need to ring 999. We found out that knowing your house address is a great skill to have!

To complete our last music lesson of this half-term, we looked at incorporating body percussion with our song. Using our bodies to create sounds was quite hard to do at the start. Once we became more comfortable with this, we were able to sing our Lumps and Bumps song and add the body percussion of our choice.

In our HeartSmart lesson this week, we looked at how we are different and how we are the same. We agreed that as a class, we are definitely all the same as we are: kind, loving and caring. We are different as we have our own uniqueness in the form of our fingerprints and DNA. If we work together as a team, we fit together better, and will achieve more. Bible Reference: ' How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God's people to live together in harmony!' Psalm 133:1

What a brilliant week,

Mr Dale

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