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Year 2 Weekly News: 13.4.22

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This week has been filled with learning, laughter and strangely enough, hundreds of PEAS...!

In English this week we started the week by reading Supertato. We loved the main hero character and wrote some fantastic descriptions about him. We were shocked the following day when the villain from the story, Evil Pea, had decided to steal our descriptions and he left a secret code breaking clue. We used our maths knowledge to decode the message and it said "Year 2 stink!". The Evil Pea was certainly living up to his name. Over the next few days we continued to receive messages from Evil Pea. We created descriptive wanted posters, but he hid them too! On Wednesday we found peas all over the classroom, we also found out that Evil Pea was creating his own super pea army. So, we had to design our own superheroes to scare him off. This didn't work! We had one final plan to scare away Evil Pea and wrote to real life superheroes like Thor and Spider-Man. This worked! Evil Pea sent us a message to let us know he had surrendered and he wouldn't be coming back. Phew! Well done, Year 2!

In Maths, we answered lots of questions and earned so many marbles along the way. We complete short lessons on symmetry and time in readiness for the SATS assessments next week. Everyone is working so hard, well done, Year 2!

In Art this week, we finished our comic book unit on portraits. We completed an art piece that combined all of the skills learnt so far. We complete self portrait drawings, watercolour backgrounds, oil pastels and a pop art style throughout. We then used the app, PicCollage, to put all of our artwork together on one huge panel. These will be going in our Study Work books!

In phonics and reading we continued to read a range of different texts and answer lots of comprehension questions too. We worked through a previous SATS paper to pick up some tips and tricks for answering some of the trickier questions. Well done!

In Science, we continued our investigations into plants. We focused this week upon the life cycle of a plant. We built upon our learning our life cycles and linked this to animals. We learnt the process of a plant through role play and acting. We also created a cool poster in our Science Books – well done!

In Computing, we continued our new project this week. We used an app called Superhero HD to create our own comic book strips. We spent the lesson building upon our skills from last week. We focused upon story building and added multi-page to our comic creations.

In R.E, we continued our new unit all about symbols and what they mean to Christians. We recapped the last lesson and thought about the various Christian symbols. We then thought about how other religions and cultures use symbols too. We looked at Adrinka symbols. These are used in Ghana to represent things like love, thoughtfulness, happiness, energy etc... We used this style to create our own symbols. We used watercolour to add details to our symbols too!

We were lucky this week as we had an extra P.E session with Hayley. We practised our ball and racquet skills. It was great to see you all outside and having so much fun! You used balance to keep your ball on the racquet – who dropped theirs?

For our music lesson this week, we were able to play the glockenspiel. We did so well! We played middle C and had to copy Miss Holland to make sure we maintained a steady beat. We also listened to a song titled 'Let's Sing Together.' We loved moving to the beat and couldn't wait to act out the verbs in the song lyrics.

We also took part in different worships this week. Our favourite was Picture News as we learnt all about dwarfism and the important message that differences make us unique. We also had grown up conversations about prejudice and not pre-judging a person based on appearance.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Dale

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