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Y2 Weekly News: 22.4.22

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Question: How much can you fit into four days? Answer: A lot! Year 2, you have jumped straight back into your learning this week after a busy Easter break and I am so proud of each and every one of you. This week has seen us become dance coders, comic book artists and our very own superheroes

In English this week we started a new mini T4W unit about one of our five books, Nat Fantastic. The story is about a little boy who sneezes and transforms into a superhero to save the world. We used the story at the beginning of the week to learn actions from and from this, and were able to plan our own versions. We changed the story several times and wrote about lots of different adventures. We started to write them at the end of the week and they're already sounding brilliant! Our writing is filled with capital letters, full stops, adjectives and even some speech punctuation. I can't wait to finish them off next week!

In Maths, we continued our unit on properties of shape. We looked closely at 3D shapes this week and made sure to focus upon the edges, vertices and faces of a number of 3D shapes. We were able to group/sort these shapes based on a number of factors. My favourite lesson this week was where we investigated shapes that have curved surfaces. We will finish our last two remaining lessons before moving onto another unit. We've also practised a number of reasoning questions this week to help prepare us for the SATS in a few weeks. It was great to see you all using your methods and problem solving skills to answer these.

In Phonics and Reading we continued to read a range of different texts and answer lots of comprehension questions too. On Friday, we also completed a SPaG quiz to test our knowledge of all things SPaG – you were all great at this!

In Spellings this week we practised some of our Year 2 spellings. I have sent home those spellings that you may have got tripped up on. You can practise these at home to improve your score!

We delved straight into our new topic of superheroes through our BIG ART project. We looked at comic book art and in particular the bubbles that pop up all over those stories. "POW, BANG, SMACK, KAPOW". We focused on the artist Andy Warhol and his pop art style to help us. We learnt about his techniques and from this, we were able to create our own versions. We used bright felt tip pens to create bold looking artwork that now sits pride of place on our display – take a look!

In Science this week we finished our unit on everyday materials. We wrapped up our unit by completing our hot task. It was so fantastic to see how much you have learnt over the past few lessons. Your answers were full of scientific vocabulary and you were able to provide a range of fantastic answers. We will be starting our new unit all about plants next week, how exciting!

In Computing, we completed a lesson on loops. We started by doing an unplugged activity that certainly provided a few laughs! We had to code a dance routine and it was SO funny to see you all following the algorithm and loops within it (I will definitely have to keep the video until you are all in Year 6!). From this, we were able to complete a series of algorithms including loops to ensure our code was efficient and simple. Fantastic work, team!

For this week's HeartSmart lesson, we looked at how the rules we need to follow online to keep safe are similar to the rules we follow in real life. Even though it is amazing how we can use our electronic devices, it is important that we learn how to use them carefully. When we thought about being HeartSmart on the playground, we realised that being HeartSmart online is just as important. We must protect ourselves online, just like we would on the playground. Bible Reference – 'Do not abandon wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will keep you safe.' Proverbs 4:6

In R.E, we completed our assessment piece on our BIG question of what does the lord's prayer teach Christians about forgiveness? We highlighted key parts of the bible and wrote sentences about what we thought each part meant for a Christian. "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us" was especially well explained!

We also took part in different worships this week. Our favourite was House Worship because we loved to visit different classrooms and listen to our new song "What a wonderful world". We discussed why we must protect the earth at all costs.

During our courageous advocacy mission this week, we teamed up with preschool to teach them all about the importance of litter picking. We even went outside with our pre-schoolers to help them pick up litter from the school playground, what great fun and an important thing to do too!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Dale

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