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Y2 weekly news 08.10.23

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This week you have celebrated harvest with your families, explored dangers in the river and became poets.

In English class, you've started a new topic focused on letter writing. This began with an engaging scenario--a letter in a glass bottle floating on a river. In this context, you've learned about Toby's letter to Tom, which discusses river dangers. Through role-play, you've explored various settings to understand these risks. You strengthened your understanding of different settings through spine poems. These poems emphasized using adjectives, nouns, verbs, and adverbs in each line. You also explored the importance of adverbs in writing. Towards the end of the week, you chose a setting and wrote a paragraph illustrating the potential dangers Tom might face. You have been fantastic writers and I am so pleased of the progress that you're making.

In phonics, you have continued to revisit your sounds and build upon your reading fluency. Well done to everyone for completing their reading at home. I wonder who will get our reading badge next week?

In maths, you began a new topic focusing on addition and subtraction. This involved exploring number bonds to 100 by leveraging your understanding of number bonds to 10, fact families, and practicing adding and subtracting by 1s. You have worked really hard to implement your understanding of addition and subtraction that you learnt in Y1 to help you with this new learning and using larger numbers. In our mastering number sessions this week, you have focused on greater than and fewer than. You have used a double decker bus to represent each of your rows on your rekenrek.

In RE, your exploration of the Bible and its significance to Christians continued. You discovered that the Bible is read worldwide and is available in various languages. You also formulated questions to ask a priest, which have been recorded in your class RE sketchbook.

Furthermore, you engaged in a creative endeavor by designing a book jacket for the Bible and crafting an accompanying blurb. Your efforts resulted in beautiful and imaginative book covers that showcase your creativity.

In history this week, you explored toys and games enjoyed globally. Your discoveries included the cultural variations in toys based on climate, with children in warmer regions having different playthings than those in colder areas. Additionally, you learnt about toys in less affluent countries crafted from natural materials. To visualize this knowledge, you mapped out these diverse toys on a world map in your book.

In Computing, you explored the ubiquitous presence of information technology (IT) globally. This encompassed learning about IT systems employed both indoors, such as card readers and cash registers, and outdoors, like security cameras and traffic lights. You actively categorized various IT devices based on whether they are used indoors or outdoors. It's clear that you're thoroughly enjoying your journey into the world of technological advancements.

In your science lessons, the focus was on evaluating the suitability of various materials for specific purposes. You conducted an experiment to determine the most suitable gloves for different tasks, such as gardening or washing dishes. During this experiment, you assessed the gloves for qualities like warmth, dexterity, waterproofing, and strength.

Your findings revealed that stronger gloves are best suited for gardening, while gloves with precise dexterity are preferable for roles like doctors and nurses. Additionally, you determined that waterproof gloves are most practical for tasks like washing dishes to keep your hands dry. This hands-on exploration of material properties is enhancing your understanding of their practical applications.

What makes you feel happy and good? This was your question in your well being activity this week. You wrote down in your journals all of the things that make you feel good. We had some children that enjoy bike rides to make them feel happy and some children who just enjoy snuggling with their parents in front of the TV.

In addition to your regular learning activities, you celebrated harvest with your families through a fun and creative event known as Messy Church. During this event, you engaged in various crafts, including crafting harvest hampers from paper plates, making 3D hedgehogs using leaves, and designing harvest cards. It was a wonderful opportunity for families to come together, and your participation made it a special occasion. Thank you to all the families who joined in; your presence was greatly appreciated.

What a busy week! Have a restful weekend Y2 in the sunshine.

See you on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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