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Welcome back Y2 01.03.24

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Welcome back Y2! We have had a wonderful week back.

In English this week, you embarked on an exciting journey into our new topic with an intriguing hook. Discovering a mysterious suitcase and a hidden key, you engaged in lively discussions about their origins and significance to our upcoming story. Exploring captivating images from the narrative, you unleashed your creativity by crafting descriptive poems inspired by the scenes depicted. As the week unfolded, you delved deeper into the narrative of "Grandad's Island," uncovering its enchanting storylines and rich settings. Your efforts finished in the creation of vivid setting descriptions, reflecting your growing immersion in the world of our new literary adventure. Well done on your enthusiastic participation and imaginative contributions throughout the week Y2.

In Maths, you forged ahead with your exploration of multiplication and division, beginning by revisiting your two times tables. This served as a foundation for mastering division facts related to the 2 times table, where you recognized the connection with halving. Expanding on your understanding of doubling and halving, you deepened your knowledge throughout the week. As the week progressed, you reinforced your understanding by revisiting the 10 times table, consolidating your grasp of these fundamental mathematical concepts.

In reading, you delved into the enchanting tale of "Once Upon a Wildwood." With keen curiosity, you delved into the intricacies of its language and vocabulary, unravelling its rich tapestry of words. Through thoughtful reflection, you engaged with comprehension questions that probed deeper into the nuances of the story, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of its narrative depths.

In your afternoon learning you have been expressive painters, animal explorers and Easter investigators.

In art, you embarked on an exploration of the renowned painter Van Gogh and his distinctive technique known as "impasto." Through insightful discovery, you learned that this method involves applying paint thickly to create visible brushstrokes. With inspired creativity, you applied this technique in your own rendition of a vibrant field, experimenting with texture and depth. Building upon this foundation, you delved into other expressive painting techniques, broadening your artistic repertoire. By revisiting the fundamentals of primary colours and their mixtures to produce secondary hues, you deepened your understanding of colour theory. Additionally, you explored alternative means of paint application, utilizing various tools beyond conventional paintbrushes. Your artistic journey reflects a commendable commitment to experimentation and creative expression. Well done on your imaginative endeavours!

In RE, you delved into the Easter story, embarking on a journey through its rich symbolism. Exploring the significance of various Easter symbols, you discerned their connections to the narrative. With thoughtful consideration, you recognized Easter eggs as symbolic of the stone sealing the tomb, while bunnies represented themes of renewal and new life. Additionally, you contemplated the symbolism of lifeboats signifying salvation and bridges representing Jesus' ascension to heaven. Reflecting on your own Easter traditions, you pondered the symbols adorning your home during this significant time.

In PE, you engaged in an exhilarating orienteering activity that seamlessly integrated with your times tables learning. As you navigated through various checkpoints around the school grounds, the thrill of the outdoors combined with the challenge of recalling your times tables created an engaging and enjoyable experience.

In wellbeing, you thought about a moment in your life that you would like to go back to. It was so nice to listen to all of your precious memories.

In science this week, the children learnt what an offspring was. To recap their learning of animals in Y1 the children thought about what vertebrates and invertebrates are. The children then told me what the five groups of vertebrates are. The children then moved onto learning that an offspring is an animal's child. The children then matched the adult animal to it's baby. The children then built upon this learning that most animals look like their adult except for amphibians and butterflies who go through metamorphosis. The children then got to work by completing some research about an animal and it's baby. The children drew the adult and baby animal and wrote some wonderful facts. Y2 you are animal experts!

Our first music lesson of this half-term saw us thinking about the question – What is Music? We had to write down two ideas of our own to begin with. We then collated our group ideas. We came up with a brilliant list! Music is...magic, offers goodness, makes us smile, makes you dance, brings joy to our lives and brings people together. We spoke about styles of music we already know, as well as some musical terminology. We will be learning more about these things during this half-term.

Well done for being superstars and working so hard this week! Homework and important dates for this term has been emailed out to parents.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Haynes

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