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26.5.23 – Year 2 Weekly News

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This half term we've conquered SATS, created beautiful Study Work, made new friendships, laughed, improved and so much more. Each and everyone of you can be proud of the hard work you have done this half term!


During our SPAG sessions, we revisited our knowledge of vowels and consonants. We engaged in various activities to identify these elements in different words. Additionally, we explored the letter "y" and its unique role as a vowel when there are no other vowels in a word, such as in "gym" or "sly".


Our focus in maths this week remained on measurement and mass. We delved into the world of grams, reading them on scales, and solving a variety of reasoning problems. Building on this, we swiftly transitioned to kilograms and explored the relationship between kilograms and grams.


In English, we celebrated the completion of our Superdog hot writes. Each of us planned and crafted our very own stories, ensuring the inclusion of a hero, a villain, a problem, and a solution. To enhance the flow of our writing, we incorporated a range of SPAG devices, including adjectives, apostrophes, and short sentences. It was a pleasure to read the captivating stories you all created.


In our R.E lessons, we concluded our exploration of symbols of the Holy Spirit. We consolidated our learning by identifying various symbols and their significance to Christians. We also reflected on the relationship between these symbols and the Holy Spirit. Well done, team, on your thoughtful insights.


Our journey through the captivating history of Queen Elizabeth II came to an end this week. To showcase our knowledge, we embarked on creating a giant research poster. This impressive assessment piece included key facts and dates, demonstrating our understanding of why Queen Elizabeth II was so important.


In computing, we embarked on a new unit through our exciting new scheme of work, Teach Computing. We commenced by exploring the concept of Information Technology (IT) and its diverse applications. We enthusiastically identified instances of IT around our school, gaining a deeper appreciation for the role of technology in our lives.


During our sports coaching sessions, we once again immersed ourselves in the thrill of diamond cricket. Through engaging team-building games, we honed our skills in throwing, catching, and batting, further enhancing our sportsmanship and coordination.


In Music, we completed our assessment piece. You all worked super hard and showed off some great knowledge.

On Friday, we had the opportunity to share our class worship with the rest of the school and our parents. Our powerful message about protecting animals from litter resonated clearly, delivered in an amazing way. Each and every one of you spoke and sang beautifully, showcasing your talent and passion.

It was a truly fantastic week, and I hope you now all have a lovely half term break!

Mr Dale

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