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Year 1 weekly news 20.5.22

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In Y1 this week, we have been learning about the Queen, becoming 2000-2010 experts and we have been authors of our very own light house keeper story.

In English this week, you planned and wrote your very own losing tales. You wrote your own version of the lighthouse keeper’s dinner. We concentrated on using adjectives, interesting sentence openers and the correct punctuation. Your stories were absolutely amazing and we were all very proud of them!

Speed sound sprint, speed sound sandwich, Fred talk, special friendswe do say some funny things in phonics don’t we! Our phonics sessions are now just reviewing all of our sounds that we have learnt. We are getting extra phonics throughout the day now so we can be ready for our phonics screening check after half term break. I am so proud with how well you are working and the progress you are making. This week you were given some special phonics books to practice at home. You are all super excited about your little books and I am amazed with how many sounds and words you have been reading already. You are superstars!

In maths this week, you have finished your topic of multiplication. You have looked at creating your very own equal groups and counting these equal groups in your 2s, 5s and 10s to find out the full amount. We built upon this learning by creating arrays to show a multiplication sum. We found this difficult at first but after a lot of perseverance you can now create your own arrays independently. We have created arrays practically using blocks, counters, objects and even paint (which was very fun). You are now confident at drawing arrays when you are given a multiplication sum to solve. By the end of the week, you were ready to learn about doubling. You learnt that doubling is when you have two groups of the exact number. We have enjoyed playing lots of doubling games to help us consolidate our doubling to 10.

In some of our afternoon learning we have been learning about the Queen and why we are celebrating her jubilee. We found the learning of the royal family very interesting and we all wanted to be a king or queen. We were very curious and had lots of questions to ask. We were then given the special mission from Mrs Chester’s to create a mood board on the 2000s. This was great news for Miss Haynes as this was her era and took her right back to her child hood. We enjoyed learning about important events that happened in the 2000s and we added some of these events to our board. Did you know YouTube was launched in 2005? You also built upon this knowledge and learnt about films and music that were produced, toys and games that were played with and we loved looking at the different fashion styles in the 2000s. We can’t wait to show off our mood board to the rest of the school in our jubilee celebrations. We will also be singing a song from our decade and we chose to sing take that shine! We have loved adding actions the song and practicing it throughout the week. Only a week to go till the jubilee celebrations Y1!

On Wednesday we had a very special visit from Trikidz where you took part in a triathlon challenge. Our total combined distances in the whole school were a whopping 5km swim, 145.3km cycle and 43.3km run! Wow! You are amazing!

In science this week, we have been continuing to learn about plants. You dissected a plant and thought about what the different parts of the plant and called and what their job is. We then learnt the different parts of a tree. You then drew your very own trees and flowering plants and labelled them with the correct labels. You have really enjoyed watching your very own bean plants grow, we are shocked with how tall they are now and how they are growing at different rates. We spoke about those plants that haven’t grown and what has gone wrong with it.

In history, you have continued to learn about Grace Darling. You have learnt about her daily life and why she became a significant person. You acted out the night she saved 9 people from a ship that had crashed. I was so impressed with your drama skills.

In art, you have continued to learn about David Hockney. We learnt about how he was a portrait artist. You worked really hard on creating a self portrait of yourself. They looked very realistic and we didn’t realise how hard it was going to be to match our skin colours to the watercolours. We had to use our mixing colour skills to get the correct match!

In computing, you learnt about the key events that happened to the royal family in the 2000s. You created a pic collage on this and added it to our mood board. They look great!

Well done for working so hard this week. You are true superstars and make me proud every day. Have a lovely weekend! Homework has been emailed out to parents.

See you all on Monday,

Miss Haynes

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