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Y1 weekly news 6.5.22

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This week has been a very short week but nonetheless we have learnt lots and packed it full of new learning experiences.

In English this week, you started by planning and innovating your own light house keeper’s breakfast. You thought carefully about how you could change different parts of the story. You got creative and used your imaginations to explore new sea side animals, different foods that you could have for breakfast and different places where Mr and Mrs Grinling could live. We built upon all of this learning by writing our very own light house keeper’s breakfasts. We’ve got sharks, octopuses, star fish and even sea horses stealing all of Mr Grinling’s food! We will continue to finish off innovating our stories this week.

In phonics, you have been continuing to revisit all of your set 2 and 3 sounds in your phonics sessions. You are all doing superb at becoming a fluent reader and knowing what that means. We have also been doing lots of extra phonics and phonics games throughout the day so that we feel ready for our phonics screening check in June.

In maths, you finished off your topic of measuring weight and capacity. You solved different word problems that used our method of adding and subtracting. You then finished off with an end of unit quiz and you all did really well and showed off all of the brilliant skills you have. On Friday, we started our new topic of multiplication. We spent some time on Friday recapping counting in 2s,5s and 10s again. I was amazed how confident you are now with this.

In our afternoon learning you have been just as busy learning about your different subject areas and linking it all back to our topic of the seaside.

In science, this week we have been carefully watching our plants grow to see if they have changed at all. We have just started to see some small roots sprout from the seed. How exciting! You also went on a plant hunt around the school grounds to see what plants you could see. You could see dandelions, daffodils, cherry blossom trees and even bluebells. You enjoyed looking at the different colours of the plants, the smells they give off and what features of a plant we can see.

You had a lovely session of orienteering with Mrs Jenkins on Monday morning. You used map skills to find different clues around school. On each clue was a maths question. You worked really hard in your teams to answer the maths questions. I know you had lots of fun doing this!

In history, you completed your cold task to see what you already knew about the history of seasides and Grace Darling. We then moved onto a chronological lesson where learning about what a timeline is and why we used them in history. We recapped our understanding of the words ‘past’ and ‘present’. We then learnt about who Grace Darling is and that she was born in the Victorian era. You then ordered the events of the Montgolfier brothers, opening of Chester zoo and Grace Darling onto a timeline. We found out by doing this that the Montgolfier brothers created the first hot air balloon before Grace Darling was alive and before Chester zoo opened. We can’t wait to build upon our learning next week by finding out more about Grace Darling and what her daily life was like in the Victorian era.

In RE, you started to learn about the Holy Spirit and how the disciples felt the Holy Spirit on the day of the Pentecost. You created your own flame headbands and win and re-enacted the story.

In art, you looked at some of David Hockney’s paintings in great detail. You looked at which pieces showed modern art and which pieces showed pop art. You then chose a piece of art to write about. You wrote what you could see, what you loved and you then asked a question to ask David Hockney about his piece of artwork.

Homework has been sent to all parents for this week. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

See you on Monday morning,

Miss Haynes

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