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Y1 weekly news 29.4.22

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We have had a very busy first full week back. You have worked incredibly hard and delved further into our topic of the seaside.

The three pesky seagulls have been getting up to mischief in our T4W story of the 'light house keepers lunch'. Everyday as Mr Grinling goes to work at the light house and gets a lunch delivered by Mrs Grinling, the lunch just keeps getting eaten by the seagulls. We have now learnt all of our story and added actions to help us remember it. We have completed lots of short burst writes on character and setting descriptions, adding capital letters for names and places and we even created our own seagull trap! On Friday, we boxed up the story ready to innovate it next week. What are you going to change? Is it going to be the characters, setting or even the lunch?

In phonics, we are continuing to work hard on learning and retaining our sounds. We are getting better at reading multi syllabic words and I am just so proud of how hard you are working. I can see lots of progress being made.

In maths, we have been introduced to the topic of measuring capacity. We started the week by comparing capacity by using the language of 'full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty'. You measured what this would look like in different cups and containers. You then answered some power maths questions on this. Building upon this learning, you then started to measure capacity using non standard units of measurement. We did this as a practical activity where you had to count how many scoops of sand, water, rice or soil it took to fill a container. Our classroom got very messy but oh my we had fun Y1! You then used this learning from your practical lesson to answer reasoning and problem solving questions in your power maths book. We have definitely enjoyed our measuring topic!

In our afternoon learning you have continued to be super busy delving deeper into our new learning topics.

In art, you finished your big art by adding your finishing touches of layering the white paint on your paintings and adding lighthouses, cottages and even sailing ships. They are stunning and we have created a beautiful display out of our paintings and our big class painting.

On Friday, you started to look at a new artist called David Hockney. You found out that David Hockney is very different to both Maud Lewis and Henri Rousseau because he is still alive and is from England. We found out that he is a modern artist who likes to create pop art too. We are looking forward to building upon this by learning some of the techniques that David Hockney uses in his artwork.

In science, you have started your new topic of plants. We are so excited for this topic and know that there will be lots of opportunities to be able to plant our own plants. We started by completing a cold task to show Miss Haynes what you already know about plants. You then used the iPads to research what plants needs to grow. You used this research to create your own posters that we can put around our garden to show people what plants need to help them to grow. To build upon this learning, on Friday you wanted to create an experiment to see if your research is correct so you all planted your own bean plant and you are going to follow your posters to help your plants to grow. You have your own bean plant diary so we can collect all of our observations in here. We are also going to use our knowledge of measuring to measure how tall our plant is to see if it growing. How exciting Y1!

In DT, you finished your puppet evaluations off. We then created a study work page on them. I think we can all agree they look amazing and I know how proud you are of them.

In RE, you completed your assessment of forgiveness by writing and drawing about what Jonah did before he got swallowed by the whale and what he did after. You thought of great ideas where you said that Jonah disobeyed God but then said sorry and asked for fortunes. You really thought carefully about your drawings too.

In computing, you learnt what a QR code is and how to use them. You used QR codes to gain research about our topic of plants. You were very good at scanning them and finding the link. Well done team!

In music this week, we listened to a new song titled 'Days of the Week.' We danced along with our onscreen characters who helped us find the pulse of the music. For our warm up exercises, our favourite character is definitely the giraffe! Not only did we sing in English, we also sang the days of the week in Spanish! We were very excited about this!

On Friday afternoon, we had Esme's mummy as our mystery reader. We were ever so excited to listen to the beautiful story and Y1 you listened so well as well. A huge thank you to Esme's mummy for being our mystery readerĀ 

Well done for working so hard this week. You really are my team of superstars. Have a lovely Bank holiday weekend and I will see you on a Tuesday.

Miss Haynes

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