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Happy Easter Y1!

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Happy half term break Y1! Can you believe we have already been in Y1 for two whole terms. It has gone very fast! As we have been excitedly awaiting our half term adventures we have kept ourselves busy by working very hard.

In phonics this week, you have been learning all of your new sounds. Some of you have learnt every single sound now and are just practicing reading them in a whole range of real and nonsense words. It has been lovely to listen to you all read this week as your confidence is growing each and every time.

Is it longer or shorter? Is it taller or shorter? That’s it you’ve guessed it right, in Y1 this week the children have been working really hard on measuring. They have understood the language of length and height and managed to learn the language to compare these. They been on measuring hunts using both non standard and standard units of measurement. We have even challenged ourselves further and answered word problems and reasoning questions in our power maths books. We have really enjoyed learning about measurement and can’t wait to learn more after our half term break.

Throughout our morning this week, we have all worked really hard on learning a new skill. All of the children this week learnt how to sew and I am just incredibly proud of how hard they all worked. In our first D&T session, the children looked at a range of puppets and how they are used. Can you still name some of the puppets? We had shadow puppets, sock puppets and even finger puppets. The children then built upon this learning by finding out they were going to create a hand puppet. The children designed their very own animal hand puppet. We had owls, dogs, giraffes and frogs too! We then found out that we were going to sew our puppets using a running stitch. Initially, we were apprehensive about doing this but we were all very brave at having a go at doing our practice running stitch on some binka. Some of you found it tricky and some of you found it easy but the team work and resilience in the classroom was amazing. On Thursday, we finally built upon all of our learning and sewed our puppet. We found this a little more challenging than our running stitch but we managed it. On Friday, we were ready to add our decorations to our puppets to make them look animals and I am just so proud of you Y1. They all look amazing!! After half term, we will evaluate our puppets.

Our afternoon learning has consisted of us becoming hazard detectives, sense hunters and amazing holiday packers.

In science this week, you built upon your learning of the human body and our senses by becoming sense detectives. Last week you went on a sense hunt outside and used all of your senses together. This week, you investigated what it is like to use your senses in isolation. You were given different smells, tastes, things to look at and you were only allowed to use one sense at a time. You had to guess what you were smelling/ tasting/ touching or looking at. Our answers were very funny and some of us did not manage to guess what it was. This helped us to understand that it is better for us to use our senses as a team and not in isolation. We realised we then experience the world with all of our senses and not just one.

In geography, you learnt more about Antarctica and you were given a task to pack a case for Jim the teddy bear as he is going to travel to Antarctica over half term. You were very good at choosing warm clothes and ski goggles to protect his eyes. I loved hearing all of your reasons to why you had chosen the items you put in your case. We even had some fish in somebody’s case so they could feed the penguins.

In Re, we thought more about the story of Jonah and the whale and how Jonah asked for forgiveness when he was inside the whale. You then created a beautiful postern for the church which explained the importance of asking for forgiveness but also forgiving others.

In music, you practiced and performed your song ‘In the band’. I definitely want to be in your band Y1!

This week we celebrated first aid week. You learnt the importance of first aid and why it is important to become first aid trained. You then became hazard detectives. You learnt that a hazard is something dangerous that could cause you to have an accident. You first looked at some hazards in an interactive kitchen and spotted them out straight away. There were irons left on, hot drinks that were very close at the end of the counter and hot pans that were left without someone close by. We then used this learning to go into a room at school and spot all of the different hazards. You enjoyed this so much that when it was time to go in the garden for break time you were continuing to spot hazards. Well done team!

On Friday, you had a very special visit of Miss Alex who taught you how to ring 999 and 111. You found out that it is important to only do this in an emergency and when there is not an adult around to help you. You were told that when ringing 999 you have to tell them what service you need, your name and age, where you live and what the emergency is. We realised some children didn’t know their address so we set them a little mission to learn it over half term.

No homework has been set for half term so that you can have a lovely rest. All challenge books and phonics books were changed so the children could still practice their reading. Bingo homework celebrations from this term will happen after the half term break when everyone is in to celebrate together. I have sent the children home with a message that they created for their courageous advocacy. We would like the children to hang these up on a tree. Once they have done this please can you take a photo of them doing it and either email it me or put it onto seesaw.

All that is left to say is I hope you all have an incredible half term break. You have worked really hard this term and deserve a restful break with lots of adventures.

I will see you on the first Tuesday back,

Miss Haynes

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