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Reception Class news 29:04:22

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And just like that, another week is over.
Well done Reception class for settling back into the rhythms and routines of learning in our first full week back.

Let's share what we have been learning...

Physical Development

In our PE session we worked on the skill of being able to throw a bean bag underarm with some. Beginning our session with a warm up, we did some stretching and sang head, shoulders, knees and toes with the actions. Then we talked about what an underarm throw is, we learnt that it is when we throw something with our arm near our side. We practiced moving our dominant arm back and forth whilst saying "tick tock" We then moved on to "tick tock, step and rock" which are the steps we learnt to enable us to throw our bean bag with accuracy.

We have fun with a partner practicing throwing and catching as well as throwing a bean bag threw a hoop. Finally we used the skills we had practiced to play 'Run the Gauntlet' splitting into four teams, teams 1 and 2 where at either side of the hall and their aim was to cross the hall with their bean bag without getting hit with a bean bag being thrown by teams 3 and 4! We had great fun playing this game and are looking forward to continuing to practice our skills to enable us to improve.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development and Wellbeing

In heart smart we learnt to be kind and encouraging to others. After reminding ourselves of our Boris story and about the scrap man and his unkind words, we remembered that these unkind words made Boris feel sad. We talked about how the children in the story lived Boris and this filled his heart and made him feel happy and loved.

We discussed how unkind words can make our friends feel sad and how we want to make sure that we are being kind to our friends and making sure that they feel happy. We enjoyed making postcards for Boris, drawing some bright and colourful pictures on the front and writing some encouraging words to make him feel special and loved.

Boris says "It's great to tell others how special they are."

Bible link "And so encourage one another and help one another, just as you are now doing." Thessalonians 5:11

Expressive Arts and Design

In our music session we listened to "I Feel Good" by James Brown, discussing whether we liked it and how it made us feel. Most of us liked it as it was very upbeat and made us feel happy. We heard lots of instruments but the one that we said stood out the most was the trumpets. We learnt that this song was a "funk style" of music.

Then, we started to learn a new song, Big Bear Funk, we really enjoyed this song as it was very upbeat. We loved singing it with some actions.

Mathematical Development

Our focus for learning this week has been to add numbers by counting on from a given number, using the first, then and now structure to identify what number we were counting on from, and how many we were counting on.

Literacy Development

In our Literacy development we have continued with our daily phonics lessons where we have learnt to read and write polysyllabic words that contain the ay, ee and igh special friend sounds. We have had great fun breaking longer words into units of speech or as we like to explain it, how many breaths it takes to say them. In our writing activities we have been making lists of the resources needed to plant up our seeds.

Language and Communication

This week we have continued to share and enjoy a range of fiction and non fiction books where we have discussed characters, story settings, information and the meaning of new vocabulary.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Ward and Mrs Wainwright

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