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Welcome back Reception class.

It was lovely to begin our new term by inviting our families to St Chad's for an Easter messy church session. We had a joyful time crafting, making some traditional Easter decorations for our homes and planting seeds to represent new life as shown in the resurrection of Jesus.
Christ is risen, Hallelujah!
Hallelujah, he is risen indeed!

Let's share in this week's learning...

Communication and Language Development

Embarking on our new theme 'Diverse World' and specifically growing plants in the garden, we enjoyed listening to our class story 'Camille and the Sunflowers' by Laurence Anholt throughout the week, discussing the characters and the emotions conveyed in the story.

Mathematical Development

This week in maths we have been focusing on counting forwards and backwards to and from 10. We have used our number line to say what numbers comes before and after a given number.
This has enabled us to recap what we already know and consolidate our knowledge of numbers to 10 ready for our new unit next week; counting on and back.

During this unit we will be exploring numbers 10 and counting on and back from a given number. We are looking forward to playing some board games and hopscotch to help us with our learning.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In our Heartsmart session we learnt to differentiate between words that are true and untrue.
We re-read Boris the Robot to re-familiarise ourselves with the story, discussing how Boris felt throughout it. We talked about how he felt sad when the scrapman said unkind things about him and how when the children said kind things it made Boris feel happy and loved which filled his heart.

Then we looked at some statements that the scrapman has said and decided whether they were true or not by putting our thumbs up or down for each statement, such as Boris is rubbish, Boris is special etc.

Boris says 'Kind and true words fill our hearts.'
Bible link 'A lie has a short life, but truth lives on forever.' Proverbs 12:19

For our wellbeing activity we joined our year 6 buddies in the glorious afternoon sunshine for a session on Fort lewis and the trim trail. We have missed them, so it was lovely to catch up on what has now been officially called Buddy day or fish and chip Friday!

Expressive Art and Design

Linking with our class story we explored the image of Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers and the words in the story: 'The sunflowers grew so high, they looked like real suns- a whole field of burning yellow suns.' and created a piece of big art of a giant sunflower, carefully mixing various shades of yellow with tinges of orange.

Understanding the World Development

This week we have also begun to learn some seed songs to help with our understanding of the lifecycle of a plant. We know that plants are an important to our world and we need to plant more seeds to help grow flowers for insects and fruit and vegetables for people to eat. We are looking forward to planting seeds next week after we have completed weeding and topping up our veg beds with organic matter.

Literacy Development

In our literacy development we have recapped our special friend sounds from the end of last term and applied them in reading and writing activities as part of our daily phonics activities.
We have excitedly shared our holiday news with each other and wrote this up for our writing activity. We are becoming more confident in our independent writing, rehearsing our sentences and using fred talk and fred fingers to work out the sounds we can hear in words to write them down.

Physical Development

In our PE session with Hayley, we played a pancake game which involved throwing, catching and bouncing a ball to our partner using a cone. This was great fun and I'm sure when it comes to pancake day next year we will be skilled at flipping a pancake in a pan!

Have a fabulous weekend
Mrs Ward and Mrs Wainwright

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