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Reception Class News 11:03:22

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Another busy week in Reception Class.
Let's share what we have been learning...

Literacy Development

We were very excited this week to receive a letter from T. Rex at The City Museum. He asked that we write to him and tell him a little bit about ourselves and that we can ask him any questions we like as he considered himself somewhat of an expert! Well, we couldn't resist such an invitation and wrote straight back, exploring the features of letter writing and setting out our information and questions clearly so they could be read by a reader. I hope he enjoys receiving so many individual letters and replies to us soon.

Expressive Arts and Design Development

In our music session, we really enjoyed listening to "Beyond the Sea" sung by Robbie Williams. We listened carefully to the music and tried to name the instruments that we could hear, we heard a lot of different instruments including, a tambourine, maracas, a piano, trumpets, a flute. Then, we warmed up our voices by singing a new song "If you ever meet a dinosaur" we enjoyed making up some of our own words to add to the song. Finally, we were able to play the glockenspiels again, which we loved! We started off by learning where the note G was and then played along with Old Macdonald Had a Farm.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Wellbeing

In our Heartsmart session, we learnt that it is important to include others in our games. Boris asked us to think about ways we could ensure that everyone is included in our class. We spoke about making sure we play with others, share our toys and help anyone we think looks sad or on their own. We played a game, a little bit like musical statues, we danced to the music, except when the music stopped, we had to hold hands with a partner, when the music started again, we danced with our partner, when the music stopped again, we joined to make a group 4. We continued this until we were all holding hands and nobody in our class was left out. This really helped us to understand how easy it is to include everyone. Boris says, "Good friends always make sure everyone is included." Bible link "Do not look out only for yourselves. Look out for the good of others also. 1 Corinthians 10:24.

Physical Development

In our PE we continued to practice our skills of changing direction confidently and moving around safely in a limited space whilst being aware of others. We warmed up with a game of chain tag – two children were "it" at the start of the game, they had to hold hands and try to tag the other children, who then got added to the chain. Then, we played cat and mouse, with a partner one of us was a cat and the other was a mouse. The cat had to follow the mouse around the hall, staying close to them but avoiding any obstacles or others in their way. Finally, we enjoyed a game of tag with tag rugby ribbons, we had a ribbon each, which was tucked into our trousers, we had to try and collect tags from others whilst protecting our own tag.

Mathematical Development

This week we have continued to consolidate our knowledge of number bonds, exploring all the different ways to make 10 using the part-whole model. Our confidence has developed over the week with this concept and we can explain and show how the whole number can be split into two or more parts and that when combined again they make the whole number.

Communication and language Development

This week we have continued to read and enjoy fiction and non-fiction books about dinosaurs, encountering and understanding new vocabulary.

Understanding the World Development

This week we have explored what ferns are after hearing in our dinosaur song that there are still ferns today and they still have spores. After looking at fern leaves, we could see the spores on the underside and understood them to be seeds of the plant. We carried out a little activity where we used counters as spores to understand seed dispersal and how the spores would travel in the air or be transported by dinosaurs, such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops who would have enjoyed eating them. We created our own large ferns to decorate our classroom.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Ward and Mrs Wainwright

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