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Reception Class News 06:05:22

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Well done Reception class, it has been a short week but you have managed to pack it full of learning.

Mathematical Development

In mathematics we have been focussing on counting back from a given number in order to subtract. We have used first, then and now sentences to identify what number we have counted back from and how many we counted back.

We enjoyed singing the song, "I'm a little rocket" counting back from 10 to blast off our rockets. We have used our number lines and counters to identify what number we will land on when counting back from a given number and moved onto drawing jumps on the number line to show how many places we have counted back and to check we have landed on the correct number.

Physical Development

In PE we continued to work on our throwing and catching. We firstly warmed up with a game of cars, we went fast on green lights, slow on amber and came to a stop at red. There were also some obstacles in our way such as roundabouts and speed bumps!

We continued our partner work, using a bean bag we practiced our underarm throwing, we were working on the skills of being able to throw to a given target with accuracy. After this we used our catching skills to try and catch the bean bag from our partner. Finally we used the hoops and our challenge was to throw the bean bag through the hoop that our partner was holding.

Expressive Arts and Design Development

This week in art we have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh, we learnt a little bit about Vincent and looked at some of his most famous pieces of art including; sunflowers and the starry night. We loved how bright and colourful Vincent's paintings were.

Throughout the week we used our class story "Camille and the sunflowers" as inspiration and used watercolours to recreate the famous sunflowers painting. We looked at the original painting and first sketched the outline of our painting before using the watercolour trays to create our amazing masterpieces.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In our heart smart session we learnt that it is important to be honest and always tell the truth. We listened to the Mi'kmaq Native American tale of how Rabbit got his long ears by telling lies to his friends to keep himself entertained when he was bored. This upsets the Great Father who picks Rabbit up by his ears and tells him never to tell lies again.

When discussing the story, we thought how Rabbit made his friends feel when he told them lies; sad, scared, worried and angry. We talked about what Rabbit should do to make his friends feel better; say sorry and not tell lies again. We then talked about how we would feel if our friends told us lies.

Boris says, "Friends always tell each other the truth."
Bible link, "The truth will free you." John 8:32

Understanding the World Development

We are very excited to see that some of the seeds we planted have begun to grow! We have been checking the soil daily and if it feels dry we have been making sure to water them.

We have also learnt about different fruits and vegetables that we can grow to eat and the difference between them. A fruit develops from the flower of a plant and when grown contain seeds whilst vegetables consist of roots, stems and leaves. Some fruit seeds are so tiny that we can't always see them, like pineapples. We also observed that some vegetables like potatoes and carrots grow under the ground!

Communication and Language Development

This week we have been looking at lots of different stories that are about rabbits, we chose these following on from our story in heart smart about how the rabbit got his long ears!
We enjoyed the different illustrations of rabbits in each story and talked about what other characters where in the stories, some where similar to the Native American tale and others where different .

Literacy Development

We have continued to work hard on our phonics this week, we are working on our set two special friend sounds and have focused on ow and long and short oo.
We are really proud that we can use Fred talk to sound out some multi syllabled words such as bedroom and booklet!

A huge thank you to Mrs Wainwright and Mrs O'Hara, who have done a fantastic job holding the fort whilst I've been resting up at home. I have missed you all and can't wait to be back on my feet and back in class.
Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Ward

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