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Year 3 news 5.11.21

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Well our first week back after half term is complete – happy November everyone!

In English we generated lots of great ideas related to the poem and our model text for this unit 'Is plastic fantastic?' We firstly rehearsed the poem and then chose the best words related to three photos of plastic waste. We created our own response from this, and the lines of your poem were really powerful, well done.Take a look at the photo to see Alice's work. Later on in the week, we learnt the actions to the first paragraph -can you retell any of it to your adult?

In maths this week we have continued with our new unit of addition and subtraction. We have added and subtracted 1s with exchanging and then moved on to adding and subtracting 10s from 3 digit numbers, without exchanging. We will move onto exchanging next week. We also briefly recapped column addition. This is something we will continue next week and develop our confidence and fluency when answering addition and subtraction problems.

In science this week, we had our next lesson on our rocks and soils unit. We became rock experts, investigating the properties of slate, sandstone, marble, chalk and granite. We then looked at how these rocks are used in every day life and some of you even recognised them from houses and gardens. We matched descriptions to each rock and identified each one. We then played rock stars and found mystery rocks and tried to match them to the descriptions in our teams.

Our next Science time this week gave us chance to be rock experts or Petrologists! We were keen to investigate different rocks and learn about how they are formed. We enjoyed looking at pictures of sweets to distinguish which represented a sedimentary, metamorphic or an igneous rock. We explored our rocks further to investigate how hard they were using a fair test investigation.

In Heartsmart, we had the opportunity to learn more about times when we might want to guard our heart. We decided that our hearts help us to produce our kindness, our good thoughts, our confidence and our power and this is important to guard at certain times. We had a great response to say, when someone is unkind to us we should send power to our heart and walk away. What great advice Year 3. This links to the bible 'In conclusion, my friends, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honourable.' Philippians 4:8

We then continued with our next Heartsmart lesson where we became cheerleading squads in our HeartSmart lesson this week! We listed the people we are grateful for and why we are grateful for them. We then drew these people who we call 'My Squad!' These are the people who encourage us and cheer us on. Bible reference – 'Let us think about each other and help each other to show love and do good deeds.' Hebrews 10:24

As part of Black History Month, we learnt all about Martin Luther King Jr. we remembered learning about Rosa Parks in Y2 and could recall why she is an important person from history and how brave she was. We couldn't believe that Martin Luther King had met Rosa Parks and we were amazed by his story. We created a word bank of words we thought of when we thought of Martin's story, including hope, powerful, kindness, peace, brave and respect. We also learnt a new word 'equality'. We learnt about Martin Luther Kings speech and his important words of 'I have a dream'.

We linked this to present day and how we view people. Ed said he had seen something in the news about people being mean to black footballers in a recent England match. We discussed the word 'racism' and what this means. Some children asked 'you mean adults did this? Not just children that didn't know better?' We explained how we can spread the message of kindness and equality to others.

On Friday we enjoyed a well deserved wellbeing day. We made craft fires using mini wooden sticks and cotton wool to represent our fires we have made in forest school. We also enjoyed some mindfulness colouring whilst listening to calming music.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Miss McCurrie

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