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Year 2 Weekly News: 24.9.21

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Another brilliant week has flown on by in Year 2. We've achieved so much this week from continuing our coding adventures to exploring farming over 3000 years ago...

In English, we completed our defeating the monster unit this week! We were able to write some absolutely fantastic narratives full of adjectives, suspense and fantastic conjunctions. It was great to see children using the working wall to support their writing and I loved reading all the fantastic stories at the end of the week. There was such an improvement from our cold writes and you should all be really proud of your work.

In phonics, we worked hard with Mrs Van Russell to recap key sounds and produce some fantastic hold a sentence work. We were also able to complete book changes and we used our reading skills to answer some tricky comprehension questions too...

In Maths, we concluded our unit on place value. We were able to complete some mini quizzes on this which shows just how much we've all learnt! We were then able to start our new unit on addition and subtraction. We started by using the part whole model to discuss the relationship between the methods. We ended the week by looking at how certain number bonds can help us with other number equations like that of 3 + 2 = 5 and 30 + 20 = 50. Well done, team! We also started our fluency starters this week and got to grips with multiplication questions such as 7 x 5 and 8 x 2...

In Science, we continued our unit on "Living things". We talked about our previous learning and built upon our learning from last week. From this, we discussed local adaptations and how certain animals have adapted to suit their habitat. We sketched some of these animals and labelled their particular adaptations. On Friday, we looked at food chains and how these look in different habitats, well done Year 2.

In R.E, we continued our new big question of Jesus and how he lived as good news. We spoke about emotions this week and how we feel lots of different emotions everyday. We compared this to some of the emotions Jesus might of felt and then drew the emotions we had felt in the last week. It was brilliant to see everyone thinking about their feelings and emotions.

In Computing, we continued our code studio journeys. We recapped logging on and spoke about loops once more. We were able to code loopsand speed up the coding process. We also discussed debugging this week. Well done!

In History, we continued our learning about farming. We recapped how farming has advanced over the years. We recapped last lesson and how 3000 years ago farming became the norm in Britain. We looked at some Stone Age tools and thought about why and how they were used, as well as why we stopped using them!

Throughout the week, we took part in a series of Worships and particularly enjoyed listening to a video about belonging and our discussions about what makes a good friend.

We completed some mindfulness throughout the week too. We used calm breathing exercises and meditation to calm us down after busy lunches!

It has been another great week in Y2 and I can't wait for the next one!

Mr Dale

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