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Y6 News of the Week 3.12.21

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We have switched our classroom Christmas lights on this week which has given our room a magical feel. Year 6 you continue to impress. You have focused on many different areas of learning and worked hard in them all. I have enjoyed catching up during our parent evening phone calls and thank you for your time.

In Maths this week we have completed an end of unit check and discussed the vocabulary we are going to come across in our new unit. We have continued to build our fractions knowledge. This week our focus has been on multiplying fractions with a whole number and by proper fractions. Amazing work has taken place as we have all been on a journey in need of resilience. I am so proud of you. You are smashing it. We put our timetables knowledge to the test and against the clock this week and completed an arithmetic paper too. Well done Y6.

In English this week we have focussed on spelling, grammar and punctuation as we have been introduced to our first SATs paper. We have used this paper as a tool to identify those weaker areas and we are busy making a list of the ones we would like to recap.

Book Club this week has seen assessments taking place, quiet reading being enjoyed and listening to our class story. We are coming to the end of Letters from the Lighthouse, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this story has a happy ending for our characters Olive and Cliff.

Our DT lessons have continued this week as we used chalk and our card templates to cut our fabric to the correct shape and size. Resilience and patience were the buzz words needed. We reviewed our poppy designs thinking about the stitches had we chosen to use, and which was our challenge stitch. We then recapped how to stay safe when using our needles and how to use a needle threader. Binka (a piece of firm material with holes) and thread enabled us to get going. A range of stitches were achieved. The French Knot is our trickiest stitch in Y6 and after watching Youtube tutorials some of us mastered it. We are now moving on to creating our 3d poppies and even foliage!

The Holocaust has been the focus of our History lesson this week. We were introduced to Steven Frank, a Jewish survivor of WW2. We discussed the content of the video and then we went on to work with a partner to answer different questions about his early life. We found out different facts about his life; how old Steven Frank was when the Nazis came to Holland and the things he was banned from doing as a boy. We found out that he could not even go to the library or the zoo! We will continue with our learning next week.

We continued to learn about Ordnance Survey Symbols this week in Geography. We used them to take a character on a journey and then created a new journey to challenge ourselves.

In Computing this week, we worked on our Alan Turing iMovie scripts. We also worked in partners to navigate around the iMovie tools and learnt to import pictures and to add music. We will record our films on our Theme Day as we visit the Y6 film productions studio!

In our French lesson this week we have been introduced to our homes. We have worked hard on the names for each room and have answered questions using the correct determiners depending on nouns that are masculine or feminine. We have used flashcards to support our learning.

In Music this week we have been busy learning our Christmas songs and in PE we have continued with our WW2 wartime dancing. We have also enjoyed our cricket lesson with Harry.
We have even managed to fit in a little bit of time with our favourite class – Reception. We hope our buddies have a lovely weekend.

We are all very excited about our Theme Day – Tuesday 6th. We have discussed different outfit ideas with each other, and we can't wait to enjoy our day. Just a little reminder that party food donations (shop bought) and any cake stands, if you have them, would be very much appreciated. I would like to thank you in advance for supporting our day.

New homework has been set. Maths.co.uk reflects our fraction work and is a consolidation task.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Mrs. B.

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