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Y5 Weekly News 17.09.21

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It's been another busy week in Year 5.

In Math this week, we have continued learning about place value. We have been looking at numbers up to 100,000. As part of our learning, we have been investigating the value of the digits within the numbers, comparing numbers using the inequalities symbols and placing numbers accurately on a number line.

We had fun in Book Club as we learnt more about Queen Victoria. We used evidence from the text to answer our anchor question which was all about why Queen Victoria was a symbol of British greatness and why she was much loved. We then consolidated our learning through role-play as you took turns to be news reports to answer the anchor question.

In English, we continued with our Talk4Writing unit on journalistic recounts. We are now proficient at retelling the text map. Good work team! At the very start of the week, we investigated speech punctuation. We videoed ourselves having conversations and then turned them into accurately punctuated pieces of speech. As the week went on, we began planning our shared piece of writing. Instead of Goldilocks and The Three Bear, you will be writing about another children's classic... Little Red Riding Hood. Each of you have created an interesting plan, and I am looking forward to starting our writing next week!

Our afternoon lessons this week have focused on Art, R.E, Science, P.S.H.E, French and Sport.
On Monday, we focused on Art and Science. In Art, we learnt about the artist William Morris. We learnt that he was at the centre of the Arts and Crafts Movement during the Victorian Era. The movement aimed to combat the industrialization of the nation by bringing nature to the people. To achieve this, he created beautiful wallpapers inspired by the great outdoors. He believed that 'nature was God's greatest design'. The second part of our afternoon introduced us to our first Science topic of the term . . . Forces. We looked at what we already knew and established that a force is something that acts upon an object.

R.E was the focus of our Tuesday afternoon. We continued learning about the 'Parable of the Paralyzed Man' and began creating our 'Good News' booklet. We will be adding to this as we learn other ways that Jesus shared the good news message.
On Wednesday afternoon, you had P.E with Mrs Jenkins and PSHE with Mrs Pointon. Your main focus within PSHE this week was to learn about legal and illegal drugs and know some of the dangers and risks associated with them. We discussed what we already know about drugs and thought about a scenario of somebody who may find drugs on the way home from school. This gave us the opportunity to talk about the serious nature of drugs and why some of them are illegal. We matched each drug with an image and by the end of the lesson we used a question slip to pose any questions and queries ready for our next lesson. To find out about P.E, check out Mrs Jenkin's P.E post.

On Thursday, we completed our first E-Safety lesson. We learnt what the definition of media is and then used this to think about our media choices. When thinking about media choices, we thought about what media we are using, when we are using it and how long we use it for. We then considered what made a good media balance. Some of us decided that we need to reduce the amount of time we spend using media whereas others decided that the time of day we used it wasn't the best choice. After our daily mile session, we moved onto our computing project for the term which is all about PowerPoints. You were asked to create a PowerPoint about yourself and your partner to show what you know at this point.

Finally, on Friday we had our first French lesson of the year. Our focus of this lesson was classroom commands. We learnt what different commands are and were able to follow the instructions when given in French, well done. Be sure to be listening out for them across the week because they will be being weaved in during all our other lessons. We also took part in a session of Human Bingo as part of our well-being task. The aim was to find out interesting facts about your fellow classmates. We went outside to enjoy the sunshine and spent time finding out about each other.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Miss P

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