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Y5 News 11.02.22

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In English this week, we have been focusing on Poetry. We started the week off by looking at performance poetry. We watched some examples and realised that there are some key things that need to be considered when performing poetry. This includes using actions, expression and even sound effects. We then had a go at performing some poetry ourselves. The first poem performed was 'The School Kid's Rap' by John Foster. We worked hard on including all of the key things and then battled each other to see which team was the best. We then put all our skills together to perform it as a class. On Tuesday, we practiced our performance poetry skills and performed the poem 'Louder' by Roger Stevens. You all performed it excellently. Your performances showed your understanding of the characters emotions and you were able to portray the comedic side of the poem too. By the end of the week, we moved onto writing poems. We learnt about the difference between similes and metaphors and then used this knowledge to create poems about the sun and the moon. We enjoyed sharing these with each other during class.

In maths this week, we finished our unit on multiplication and division and began learning about fractions. We learnt about equivalent fractions and the different methods you can use to find them. Knowing our times table knowledge is very important for this.

This week, we were also coming to the end of our R.E unit on the Kingdom of God. We thought about where the Kingdom of God can be found and came up with some interesting ideas. Initially, we all thought that it was another name for heaven, but after reading some bible quotes we realised that the Kingdom of God can be found anywhere. We then thought about our 'Big Question' which was how does the local church community share the Kingdom of God with others. We wrote down some questions that we could ask parishioners and we hope to put them to a local church member soon.

In our Art lesson this week, we used our knowledge of the pinch pot technique, coil pot technique and the use of slip to create our Ancient Greek pots. We followed our designs and used the pinch pot technique to make the body of the pot. We created a base and attached it with slip. Finally, we added extra details using the coil technique. This included adding handles, the neck and the lip to our pots. You all did a wonderful job and I hope you are feeling very proud.

We enjoyed our penultimate forest school lesson this week too. For our lesson this week, we learnt how to identify different trees. We used maths to measure their circumference and learnt that you can divide the circumference by two to find out how old a tree is. Mr Hadfeild also taught us a great trick for how to work out how tall a tree is. We then went onto practice our archery and fire making skills.

In P.E this week, youcarried on your Health Related Fitness unit. This week saw us revisiting week one. We performed the shuttle runs again, with the aim of trying to beat our previous score. We also did the flexion test again to see whether this terms' work has helped us to become more flexible. We finished off with a short stretching session to relax our muscles after we had worked so hard! In Music, you learnt the note G on the recorder and recapped notes B and A. You then moved on to learn how to play Hot Cross Buns using these notes. You did have to take it back slightly as there were quite a few squeaks being heard! In pairs, we wrote down a checklist to remind ourselves of what to do to not get squeaks. Covering the tone holes correctly and blowing warm, slow air is a must! If we don’t do both of these things, we will hear squeaks!

This week was Safer Internet Week. Throughout the week, we have looked at different activities to help us think about how to stay safe and what to do when we are online. One of our activities included reading different scenarios which you might encounter yourself when online. We discussed the different options you could take to stay safe. You came came up with great ideas. We also looked at the difference between private and personal information during our computing lesson. This is an important part of online safety because it helps us understand what information is safe to share and what information is not safe to share. Personal information is linked to things like our likes and dislikes, or how many siblings we have or the country we live in. It's information that cannot speciallyidentify you. You can share this information but you must check with an adult before you do. Whereas private information can specifically identifyyou. An example of privateinformation is your names, your address, your date of birth and your phone number. We learnt that you should never give away private information.

I hope you're all having a great weekend,

MIss P

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