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Y5 News 04.03.22

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Our first week back after half term has flown by, and this week was extra special because we celebrated 'World Book Day'. It was wonderful to see everyone's costumes. You all looked brilliant. Also, all the entries for the spoon competition were finally in and we voted on our winner. Every spoon was fabulous and it was evident how much hard work you had all put into them. Our top winners were Isaac and Martha who came joint second and our winner was Jacob who took first place with his 'fing' inspired spoon from the book by the David Walliams. Thank you for putting so much effort into your costumes, and thank you to everyone who also took the time to make a spoon too.

This week was also very special because we had an important request from Mr Dale and Year 2. They have heard that we are learning about space so they have asked us to put together a fact file about each of the planets. Not wanting to let them down, we jumped into action and began jotting down everything we know about how to make a successful information text. We already had so many great ideas thanks to our Steps2Read lessons. We moved onto exploring our model text and have begun to learn that too. I'm excited for next week when we can start the next phase of the project.

In maths this week, we have been learning about fractions. We have used our knowledge of converting improper and mixed number fractions to help us sequence and compare fractions. This can get a little tricky at times, but as long as you follow the steps you can find your way through.

In our afternoons, we have been doing French, History, Study Work, Science, P.E, Music, Computing and some work towards our courageous advocacy project. It's been a busy week.

In our French lesson, we recapped our knowledge of how to say the numbers 1-11 by playing a bingo game. We then went onto learn about different places in France. We compared what the cities looked like and considered how they were similar to our own. Finally, we learnt how to ask each other where we lived.

In History this week, we were given the task to answer the question, What do some of our buildings tell us how we view Ancient Greece today? We used our prior knowledge and referred to our Temple building activity on our Y5 Theme day. We knew that temples used columns instead of walls, and that they were places of worship. Drawing a temple, gave us the opportunity to learn more about the features including the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns. We also discovered that some contemporary building have the same features. For example, the British Museum in London. We thought about why this was the case and noticed that some contemporary buildings have Ancient Greek architecture as part of the entrance. We then summarised what we had learnt in response to the question. Great work Year 5.

Our study work time enabled us to design a response to our time in Forest school. Using poems we wrote with Mr Hadfield, we edited them, and chose the best layout for the reader.

For our Science lesson, we became the solar system! Using our bodies, we created a model of the solar system and learnt that model we created is called the heliocentric model. This means the sun is in the middle of our solar system. However, people have not always thought this was the case. In the past, people believed in the geocentric model which means the Earth is in the middle of our solar system. Isn't that fascinating.

In music, you began are going to be focusing on something very special this term because it's now time to prepare for the up and coming Young Voices concert. We now have our song booklets, and are pleased with the variety of songs we are going to learn. This week, we practised: The Living Years, Lovely Day, Sing From Your Heart, The Beatles Medley and The Lion King Medley. Some parts of these songs were a bit tricky, but we gave it our all!

For P.E, it was a very soggy start to our athletics unit. We worked in groups, each group at a point around the track. We took it in turns to time each other running one lap. We then repeated the run, trying to match our previous time. We were aiming to pace ourselves so that we could run each lap at the same speed. We finished with single lap relay. Due to the rain getting heavier, Year 6 moved back to the classroom and played a quick game of 'Mrs Jenkins' House of Sports Games' where we had great fun completing the Answer Smash round!

Finally, we finished our week with computing and courageous advocacy. In computing, we have begun inputting the data we gathered about space. This means we have started to create a spreadsheet. We will learn how to format the spreadsheet and how to also use the spreadsheet to sort and find information.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend,

Miss P

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