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Reception Class News 24:09:21

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Reception class, what another fabulous week we have had!

Let's share our learning...

"Now it's cooler all around,
Apples tumble to the ground."

This week we have observed the season of autumn, through our walks in the orchard and the collection of leaves that we gathered with our families at the weekend.

In our communication and language development, we talked about how trees help us to observe the seasons with how they change and adapt to the weather with the gorgeous book 'Tree' by Britta Teckentrup.

As autumn is also a time to harvest crops and a time of giving thanks, in our personal, social and emotional development, we carefully picked some apple in the orchard to make apple crumbles for our families as a way of saying thank you to them for ensuring we are well fed. We had to wash and prepare the apples by chopping them into bite size pieces, arrange them in the baking container and then add our crumble mixture. Mmm, we hope they taste as delicious as they look!

In our heartsmart session, we learnt to work and play cooperatively together, listening to one another's ideas to create our very own Boris robot. Using some of our junk modelling materials
we created his body, head, hands, feet, ears, nose and mouth. We even made him a pair of glasses for when he is teaching us how to be heartsmart!

Once he was made we talked about how we would move or talk if we were Boris the Robot.
Boris says it is fun to pretend to be someone else but being yourself is the best you can be.

In our mathematical development, our focus this week was counting to 4, building upon our prior knowledge of counting to three last week. We linked our skill of counting four concrete objects to the pictorial representation of 4 and then the abstract numeral 4. This week we introduced the five frame to help us in our counting.

At the beginning of the week we counted out leaves collected at the weekend, checking we knew what 'how many' means. We checked our starting point with numbers and practiced starting at different points on the number line. We looked at different collections of objects and were able to subitise and say how many we could see without having to count them individually.

As we gained confidence in representing numbers in different ways we began to understand order irrelevance, where the number represented is still the same whichever way we present it. We explored this with different sized objects, different coloured objects and different positions in presenting our number collections. In our reflection journal we demonstrated our understanding by showing 4 in a variety of ways in a five frame. Super work Reception Class.

In our physical development, we practised our control over an object. We warmed up with a Mr Man game which was a lot of fun. We rolled the ball around our bodies and along the floor always looking for a space to move into. In our gym session we pretended to be different animals to strech our bodies into different positions and move in an animal like fashion.

"Autumn leaves turn red and gold,
Days are warm, nights grow cold."

In our creative arts and design development, we listened to 'The Autumn Leaves' by Nat King Cole and watched the video showing different autumn coloured leaves falling gently to the ground. Using our large collection of leaves collected from our nature walks we discussed the autumnal colours we see in nature. We noticed shades of yellow, orange, red and brown.
we then looked at the shape and form of the different leaves and selected our favourite one to draw and then paint with watercolours.

In our understanding of the world development, we explored some simple maps and aeriel views of Wybunbury village. In our class book 'Mr Gumpy's Outing', Mr Gumpy lives in a house by the river, using our simple maps we looked to see what significant landmarks we lived by. We discovered there is a brook that runs through the village that we cross each day to come to school, there is a leaning church tower, two pubs, a post office and a good park to play in. We discussed why people use maps and set about creating a simple map of our route to school through the village.

In our literacy development, we explored the innovation stage for our talk for writing. Using our Mr Gumpy's Outing' story map we worked with our talking partner to change some of the characters and key elements of the story. Once we had changed the parts we had chosen we set about putting post it notes with new characters and features on so that we could read it once complete. This was great fun and we enjoyed retelling our stories.

Today we got to meet our year 6 buddies in our house teams and enjoy spending some time with them on the school field. I'm not sure who was the most excited year 6 or us!

Thank you year 6 for being such great role models and being so kind and thoughtful in your games, You really are shining examples of Wybunbury Delves school.

Have a great weekend everyone

Mrs Ward and Miss Alex

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