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Reception Class News 19:11:21

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Reception class, what a lovely way to finish another busy week, than with sparkly, glittery Friday! You all looked fantastic dressed up for Children in Need.

Let's share what we have been learning this week...

In our Physical Development, we started our dance to 'The Nutcracker' by pretending to be asleep under the Christmas tree. We practised moving and counting in our heads and did some corner work.

In our Language and Communication Development, we practiced our dialogue for the Christmas Nativity in preperation for recording it to share with our families soon.

In our Mathematical Development, we explored finding one less than a given number, using lots of concrete objects and pictures to help us. We used role play, first, then and now stories to explore one less. When we moved to showing this as a working out in our journal we crossed out, the one we took away rather than rubbing it out to help us explain the process.

In our Expressive Arts and Design Development, we warmed our voices up and continued to practise our words and actions to our nativity songs.

In our Understanding the World Development, we explored why Christians tell the nativity story at Christmas time. We watched a Nativity story being told and compared it to our story we are going to retell to our families. We thought that Christinas tell the story every year to remind people that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, a gift from God.

In our Personal, Social and Emotional development, Boris asked us to look at some picture where he was doing different actions and asked us to work out his different characteristics that make him special as part of our heartsmart session.

Boris says we are all special. We managed to work out that Boris was kind, funny, brave and helpful. We then thought about the different things that make us special.

In our wellbeing time, we enjoyed meeting up with our year 6 buddies for our Friday afternoon session on Fort Lewis and the trim trail.

As a class we reminded ourselves what bullying was, from a previous conversation as part of Anti Bullying week. Our understanding is that a bully is someone who repeatedly behaves in a way towards us than can hurt or upset us.
We read the story Mine's bigger than yours! By Jeanne Willis and Adrian Reynolds and discussed how the little monster dealt with the scary monster. We were very impressed that she was brave to say no and helped us to understand we can say no when someone behaves that way to us. We also watched the NSPCC Pantosaurus video and joined in with the pants are private song.

In our Literacy Development, we used our 'Little red hen' story map to box up the beginning, middle and end of the story. Once we had drawn this up, we worked together to write up the beginning of the story, using our phonetic knowledge and 'Fred fingers' to sound out words. We were extremely pleased with our efforts and couldn't wait to show off our writing. Well done Reception.

In continous provision, we have followed our interests and dressed up in nativity costumes, read reading challenge books in the tree house, played with dolls, set up the car track and raced cars around and enjoyed colouring and crafts.

This week we have also welcomed Mrs Wainwright to our reception class family as our new TA, welcome to the team!

Mrs Ward

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