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PE Weekly News 4.3.22

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Welcome back to the start of another PE term!

All year groups have begun a new athletics unit which will take us up to Easter.

Years 1 and 2 started our unit by playing a reaction time game. In groups, we had to run and touch the correct colour cone as quickly as possible. We moved on to having to remember a sequence of colours, which got progressively longer, and still perform the sequence as fast as we could! Then we played sprint tag in pairs. We had to sprint to catch our partner who, when caught, had to perform three star jumps and then swap places.

Years 3 and 4 began our unit by focussing on the very start of a sprint race. We also played the reaction time game where we had to run and touch the correct colour cone as quickly as possible. Next, we looked at the different parts of the race. We practised staying low and using short steps at the start, then becoming more upright but still using our power steps before getting into full flow and lengthening our strides. We finished by using the track to practice our sprint races.

Years 5 and 6 had a very soggy start to our athletics unit. We worked in groups, each group at a point around the track. We took it in turns to time each other running one lap. We then repeated the run, trying to match our previous time. We were aiming to pace ourselves so that we could run each lap at the same speed. We finished with single lap relay. Due to the rain getting heavier, Year 6 moved back to the classroom and played a quick game of 'Mrs Jenkins' House of Sports Games' where we had great fun completing the Answer Smash round!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jenkins

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