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PE News 4.2.22

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What a brilliant week of PE!

Years 1, 2 and 3 continued our dance units.

Year 1 followed the third BBC time to move programme based around a watering hole on the African plains. This week we became elephants! We used big, slow movements as we moved and used our arms as trunks at the watering hole. Then we joined into pairs and then fours, joining our trunks and tails as we moved like an elephant family. Then we recapped on all of the animals we have met and created mini dances following each animal as it moved across the plains. Finally, we all joined together back at the watering hole.

Year 2 followed the last lesson of our space journey. This week we repaired our rockets by doing a space walk and then travelled back, through our solar system, to Earth where we landed in the sea! As we were passing through the solar system we used our bodies to become the different planets while we listened to a space poem.

Year 3 recapped our Egyptian dance moves from last week. We looked again at hieroglyphics and how we can transfer the pictures into actions and the actions into a dance. Then we worked in groups to create our own hieroglyphs that we began choreographing dances from. We will continue this next week.

Year 4 continued our gymnastics unit. We began by working on shoulder stands. We tried to get our legs straight and support our backs with our hands. We practised with our legs in straddle, split and tuck. We used apparatus, a box, a bench and mats, to create routines using our shoulder stands, arches, bridges, points and patches and linked them with a variety of spins and rolls.

Years 5 and 6 carried on our Health Related Fitness unit. This was probably our hardest week. We completed a set of strength and conditioning exercises, performing each exercise for three minutes. We had to learn to pace ourselves and keep taking short breaks to re-set so that we kept the best form possible. We finished off and cooled down with some yoga stretches to try and relax the muscles we had worked.

Another wonderful week, well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jenkins

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