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PE News 28.1.22

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We've completed another week of PE!

Years 1, 2 and 3 continued our dance units.

Year 1 listened to and followed the second BBC time to move programme based around a watering hole on the African plains. This week we recapped the animals we met last week and then moved on to become lions! We began as lions moving slowly and silently, then joined together to become a pride of lions. Next, we hunted our prey, changing our movements to show each part of the chase. We then became vultures soaring and circling high above the plains in search of food. We will finish our African adventure next week.

Year 2 followed the second lesson of our space journey. This week we became binary stars and black holes! We moved around in pairs finding ways to twist and turn as we travelled. We then looked at ways we could create a black hole using our bodies. We tried using different levels and then creating the same in pairs. Finally, we became a whole class black hole!

Year 3 followed and learned different styles of Egyptian dancing. We looked at how we can use the whole of our body to create shapes and transition from one shape to the next. We then looked at some hieroglyphics and created actions for each one. Lastly, we created a dance by linking our movements together.

Year 4 continued our gymnastics unit. We worked on the floor to create a routine comprising of six different movements, three arches and bridges and three rolls. We focussed on using a variety of techniques to link all of our movements together to create fluid routines.

Years 5 and 6 carried on our Health Related Fitness unit. After our warm up, we completed a circuit training activity. We discussed the different exercises, whether they were core exercises, cardiovascular or plyometric and looked at various alterations to make them easier or harder. We also looked at the correct action and form to make the exercises effective and to avoid injury. Then we completed the circuit twice. We finished off with some yoga based stretches to cool down.

Another fantastic week, well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jenkins

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