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PE News 25.11.22

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What a fantastic fourth week back we've had!

We have continued with our dance units.

Year 1 were affected by the power cut so we improvised by using our musical pipes to create rhythm. We looked at how the pipes were different lengths and made different sounds when banged on the floor. The longer the pipe, the deeper the sound. We used these to help us keep time while we moved as different forms of transport.

Year 2 continued our dance unit on Space by following a Journey into Space. We followed on from blasting off into space and travelling past binary stars and swirling black holes by going on a space walk! We thought about how we move in space, with big, slow movements and the types of activities space walks are used for. We finished by travelling back to Earth.

Year 3 continued our dance unit by following a BBC Roman dance programme. We followed a Roman invasion and, in groups, used our bodies, in particular our hands and arms, to create a 'testudo', the roman group shield to protect our soldiers. We also looked at Roman architecture and the arches and bridges that they built. We used our bodies to create these shapes in lots of different ways.

Year 4 continued our Viking dance by looking at Viking runes. We moved into pairs or small groups. Each with a sheet of runes, the Viking alphabet. We picked out several of our favourite runes and recreated their shapes with our bodies. Then we linked the shapes together into a short dance, performing them for the rest of the class.

Year 5 also continued our journey through Victorian life as we followed a dance based on child workers in the mines and servants in the big houses. We paid particular attention to using our movements and facial expressions to convey feelings such as fear and exhaustion. We then used what we had learned to create short dances for our class to watch.

Year 6 were also affected by the power cut and most of us had gone home by the time we had our lesson. We took it in turns to lead warm ups and then played several games that we chose.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Jenkins

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