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PE News 17.9.21

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We've had another fantastic week! I didn't get to teach all of the classes this week but those that I did were absolute superstars!
Year 2 continued our invasion games skills. We began with a game of Spiderman tag and then started moving around bouncing and catching the ball in different ways; two hand to one, one to two and one to one. We had to make sure we avoided others as well as watching our balls. We were so good at this that we had a little throwing and catching competition where we started by throwing the ball in the air and clapping once before catching. Then we moved on to adding an extra clap until we got to clapping five times! Amazing! We finished with a game of fill my house. In teams, one person stands in a hoop and the rest of the team have to throw a ball to them. Every time a ball is caught, the thrower joins the catcher in the hoop. The first team to fill their hoop is the winner!
Years 4, 5 & 6 started to learn about sideways passing. We discussed that throws in rugby need to be backwards and looked at to hold the rugby ball to help us throw sideways and slightly behind. We practised in a line, while stationery then did the same walking and running. We moved on to playing a variation of Longball. One team defended on the court while the other tried, one at a time, to run through the defenders before they could throw the ball to try and hit them. It was great fun! We also just had time for another quick game of 'Tag,Tag.'
Well done to all the children who remembered to either take earrings out or tape them up. Thank you!
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Jenkins

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