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PE News 17.3.22

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A fantastic week in PE!

Years 1 and 2 continued our focus on jumping. We began by practising our speed bounce, jumping side to side over the white lines on the car park. We then moved on to standing long jump. We jumped from two feet to two feet, remembering to swing our arms to help us jump further and landing with soft knees. We also tried the very tricky 'scissor' jump that we use for high jump. We stood sideways to a hurdle and then swung one straight leg over, followed by the other. We had to keep our legs in front of us and swing them as high as possible to get over the hurdle.

Years 3 and 4 were focussing on jumping. We looked at the scissor jump that is used in high jump. We found it quite tricky to jump sideways and keep our legs straight but we persevered. We also practised standing and running long jump. We used cones to mark where we landed and then tried to beat our previous distance. We tried 'fast feet' again, using the ladder and cones. We moved forwards, backwards and sideways. Lastly, we recapped the hurdles from previous weeks and tried to perfect our technique.

Years 5 and 6 also focussed on jumping. We revisited speed bounce. We counted how many speed bounces we could do in 30 seconds. We did lots! We also had a try of the twist method for speed bounce. We then rotated around three stations. We had long jump, where we had to try to jump into hoops placed at different distances. There was also high jump. We had to recap the scissor jump and worked on adding the curved run up as well. We also practised hurdles around the track, focussing on speed.

Well done everyone!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Jenkins

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